Roseanna McMahon

After studying Computer Science and Maths at the University of Bath, I spent 4 years working as a Developer for a front office system at Nomura.

I recently moved to a position at Bloomberg where I am a Software Engineer in a Trading Systems team. I am primarily a Python developer, and outside of work I tutor both privately for students getting ready for exams but also for anyone picking up Python as a new language, whether that be just for fun or with a look towards a future career.

I am passionate about encouraging more women into STEM – particularly my field of software development! To aid this I have taught on several CodeFirst:Girls courses – teaching the basics of python development to classes of up to 40 women. Following this, I am now a mentor for the second ever set of CodeFirst:Girls fellowship courses providing advice and encouragement to a new set of instructors as they take on two more classes and a research project. I am also a STEM ambassador which enabled me earlier this year to be featured on the ZNotes podcast to talk about my experiences as a women in computer science. STEM ambassadors also led me last month to talk to primary school children as part of their ‘maths week’ celebrations where I spoke about where maths can take them in the future.

Throughout university I attended the BSC Lovelace Colloquium each year and I was inspired by the women I saw speak there. I’m flattered now to have the opportunity to share how exciting and varied this career can be, and I am now a mentor with Stemettes, currently paired with a girl who I hope I can be a role-model for as she starts her computer science journey.