I am Roushanak Rahmat, an exceptional AI scientist and visionary leader with a profound impact on the field of technology and healthcare. My distinguished academic journey led me to achieve a coveted PhD in AI from Heriot-Watt University, collaborating with the prestigious University of Edinburgh. My research focused on cutting-edge areas such as computer vision, medical imaging, and data science, igniting my passion for pushing the boundaries of technological innovation.

Throughout my illustrious career, I have been at the forefront of pioneering advancements in healthcare applications. Notably, during my tenure at Elekta, a world-leading medical technology company, I spearheaded groundbreaking projects that revolutionized radiotherapy treatments. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI technologies, my innovative contributions replaced traditional models, significantly enhancing patient outcomes and transforming the landscape of medical care.

Renowned for my expertise in deep learning, machine learning, and signal processing, I possess an unrivalled ability to develop sophisticated algorithms that leverage AI to bring unprecedented advancements to the healthcare industry. My proficiency extends across diverse domains, including MRI, CT, CBCT, and other medical and non-medical data, such as point cloud and text. Harnessing the power of Python and industry-leading deep learning libraries, I craft cutting-edge AI solutions that drive positive change.

Beyond my technical prowess, I am an ardent advocate for diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. As a Google Women Techmaker, Stanford Women in Data Science (WiDS), and Women of MENA In Technology ambassador, as well as a Google #IamRemarkable facilitator, I passionately promote underrepresented voices and foster an inclusive environment within the tech community. My active involvement as a public speaker at industry conferences and events allows me to share my extensive knowledge of AI and its transformative potential in healthcare.

My commitment to knowledge-sharing is further demonstrated through my influential contributions to the tech community. I maintain a captivating blog on Medium, engage my audience with insightful content on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, and actively contribute to open-source projects on GitHub. My dedication to advancing the field of AI and healthcare is a testament to my unwavering passion and dedication.

As an exceptional team leader and project manager, I excel in collaborating with both technical and non-technical stakeholders. My exceptional communication skills enable me to convey complex concepts with clarity and precision, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and excellence among my colleagues.

Currently, as an independent freelancer, I seek new challenges to make a lasting positive impact through my expertise. I am open to exploring collaborations that push the boundaries of AI innovation in healthcare and beyond. To learn more about my awe-inspiring achievements and professional journey, please visit my website at:


My exceptional contributions to the fields of technology and healthcare have earned me recognition as a trailblazing AI scientist, a visionary leader, and an advocate for diversity, inspiring a new generation of women in tech. As a TechWomen100 honouree, I will leverage this recognition to further my mission of empowering individuals, advancing technology, and driving positive change in the tech industry and beyond.