After starting her career in marketing, Ruth took her love of playing with data to the next level by learning Python which kicked off her excitement and passion for technology.

After hundreds of lines of code, several articles shared, multiple talks given across the UK and even 1 in Dubai, and instructing on 2 training courses, she left the world of technical SEO and joined the ed-tech organisation Code First Girls, to pay back the opportunities they provided to her to help even more women and non-binary folks learn a programming language and start their career in tech. As data and insights manager at Code First Girls, she uses a wide range of data sources to ensure student satisfaction is met, clients are up to date on the impact they have had, and internal targets are reached and exceeded.

By night, she combines her passion for technology with her love for dogs and making a difference, by volunteering for 2 animal charities, ensuring their websites are top notch and their operations run smoothly.