Rutvi Dave

I am a software Data Engineer in Capgemini and working in AWS cloud technology projects.

I have 16 years experience in total in Management Information Technology and having started my career as a report writer in crystal software and after that moving into MS technology using excel, access databases where I created my first database from scratch and advancing into MS BI suite using T-SQL to write queries to create reports in Report Server to working with Data Integration tool to write transformations and loading data, writing complex procedures, views, triggers and building from scratch my first data warehouse using Kimball Methodology. Today, I have experience working in many different projects with different BI suite like Pentaho BI suite, MS BI suite. I have done Pentaho BI suite POC for my previous organization which was successful such that after we implemented the POC live, I received an award for the “Best Integration” from the Client. I have been involved in many projects where I have introduced myself working on new tools and made possible for organizations to use capability of new tools by taking initiative in projects where such demand is available. In turn, organizations have valued the contributions and I have gained knowledge and experience through this. My flexibility to adapt to new tools and delivering projects using these new tools has helped me grow faster and have taught myself to adapt to any new technology easily. I have always have had a very good relationship with clients and I always believe that it is very important to do work to their requirements and provide necessary solutions to the client to guide them in the right direction. I have also proficient experience on Azure cloud technologies in building regions, data warehouse on cloud, building databases on cloud environment and using data factory pipelines for transformation and using DevOps tools on Azure that will help CI/CD deployment of new changes using ARM templates. After joining Capgemini in December 2020, I have also had hands on with Unix and command line tools, AWS cloud working with S3 buckets, created training material for GitLab, active member in learning and development tech stream providing knowledge sharing sessions on Pentaho BA and constantly learning AWS. I have achieved AWS cloud practitioner certificate and have enrolled myself in AWS developer training and certification as well. I am constantly learning newer technologies and implementing these in work experience and getting a 360 view of all technologies that I get to work with. I have also participated in Capgemini for heroes in Environment sustainability challenge where my idea has been picked and I will be presenting my idea to selection board very soon. I like to constantly impart and share knowledge all I can with young graduates, women and help them to achieve more while I can.