Sabrin Choudhury

As a biochemistry graduate, it came as a surprise to those around me when I decided to become a technology consultant at EY in 2017.

My initial interest in technology was sparked when I realised the infinite possible solutions technology offers to solve a problem and in the case of my academic experience, the opportunity to find cures to life-changing illnesses through its application. Since embarking on this career path my passion for emerging technology has been strengthened, as it has been at the forefront of all engagements I have been a part of. I have had the privilege to partner with multiple globally renowned clients to challenge the status quo, drive innovation, and partake in the digital transformation journey of these organisations. Through these Programmes I have been exposed to the cybersecurity challenges faced by the world’s capital markets, led conversations to shape the IT Strategy of a major crossrail service and identified technology process changes which would affect some of the most important imports and exports of the UK.