Safina Siddiqui

I joined the finance industry in 2015 as a Software Developer after achieving a Bachelor of Science degree from University College London (UCL) in Computer Science.

I spent my first two years in industry at Barclays in the Investment Bank and from there, I moved to Asset Management at JP Morgan Chase & Co (JPMC). Firstly joining the Multi-Asset Solutions Portfolio Management Team, I moved internally in November 2020 to join the Money Markets Trading team where I am responsible for the development and support of the Money Markets Trading applications. Due to the front office nature of my roles, I have worked closely with Portfolio Managers, Traders and Middle Office in the business as well as the technology teams based in New York and Hong Kong. As a full stack developer, I contribute to both the UI and the backend services for the team.

Always looking at the bigger picture, I have been able to make significant contributions in my roles at JPMC. Currently within Money Market Trading Technology, I met a key milestone of adopting FIX, the industry standard, within the space. Previously in Portfolio Management, I was a key contributor in the re-design of the entire portfolio management system that became the strategic application for portfolio management across all asset classes within Asset Management at JPMC. Having been selected for the Expert Engineer program at JPMC, an initiative reserved for high-performing technologists, I received the ‘Leading the Way’ Award for the characteristics I demonstrate, and I have also been recognized as a Women of Color STEM – Technology Rising Star, highlighting that my efforts are helping to shape the technology of the future.

I am an Enterprise Advisor for my local girls school, volunteer for STEM advocacy events hosted at JPMC and mentor as part of WomenOnTheMove, a JPMC network to help support other women through their careers. I am also an active contributing member of TIF (JPMC women’s technology network) and a founding of the AM London Technology Culture Committee focused on sharing knowledge and bringing community together for an inclusive work culture. I volunteer my time for these initiatives as I am dedicated to ensuring that all young women have insight into careers which they may not have had visibility to in the past and empowering women through every stage in their careers.