Sahydi Garcia

Sahydi Garcia is a Vice President of Morgan Stanley in Enterprise Technology and Services based in London.

Sahydi is responsible for driving the adoption and implementation of Agile & DevOps principles for the Corporate Workplace Technology department. Sahydi also performs a project management/business analyst role to deliver business outcomes for stakeholders in Corporate Information Management, Corporate Travel, and Corporate Security. Sahydi was named Vice President in January 2016 and later that year she accepted a mobility opportunity to Glasgow. In October 2018, Sahydi accepted a mobility opportunity to London.

Sahydi started her career in Technology at the Firm in 2011 as an IT Service Delivery Manager in End User Technology. She supported the delivery of technology services to end users in Wealth Management branches during the Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney joint venture. Sahydi joined Morgan Stanley in 2004 as an Associate in Reengineering and Expense Management based in New York, serving as a Sourcing Manager in Corporate Services. Sahydi started her career at Avaya in Basking Ridge, NJ from 2000 until 2004 as an Associate Client Executive in IBM Global Alliances.