Saima Sadiq

I started my technology career fresh out of college as a young 19 year old helping Sky TV customers with their technical equipment issues (and then broadband and mobile technical support when these products came along).

I’ve worked in a variety of roles with increasing levels of responsibility and escalation resolution. In 2012 I moved in to project management and became responsible for some of Sky’s high profile and strategic projects which gave be an opening and insight into a whole different world of technology. This is when I truly became involved in STEM and the growth opportunities within this field for women. Until this point, not only did I not have much awareness of STEM and what this meant but also what this could mean in terms of a long term fulfilling career. 2017, following the e birth of my youngest son at the age of 35 years old I decided to take the leap after 18 years at Sky TV and branch out in to the technology world and took up a position as Senior Program Manager at Mastercard Payment Gateway Services and have never looked back. Payments technology is a fascinating field that we all take for granted but learning and growing my knowledge in this field has really opened my eyes and ignited a new passion in my life. I am part of the group that work with young primary school aged girls as part of the Girls4Tech program to tech them about STEM and the job and career opportunities that are open to them. I now work as the Lead Technical Program Manager for MPGS in Europe leading a high performing team of Technical Program Managers delivering strategic business change working closely with our Product and Engineering partner teams.