Hi! My name is Sakshi Jain and I am a Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg.

Prior to Bloomberg, I was working with Microsoft as a Software Engineer 2 in the networking engineering which is powering the enormous Azure cloud. Before that I worked with Visa Inc where I worked in the tokenisation part of the payment system and making payments around the world more secure. During my university while doing my Bechelors in Technology majoring in Computer Science, I also did a semester internship with Morgan Stanley where I was working in the Wealth Management division on making the platform for financial advisors easier to use.

I was always passionate about technology and wanted to make a mark in the field and wanted to try and learn various different domains through experiences and internships.

I knew that I loved writing programs when back in high school I wrote my first CPP- hello world and it worked!

Diversity and Inclusion is something which I deeply care about apart from Software Engineering.

We all know that women and minority groups are still an underrepresented group in the workforce and I have tried taking various actions to make a small contribution by mentoring my fellow colleagues, contributing in hiring actions, taking part in events which involved working with NGOs to help underrepresented groups navigate their career, specifically also helping in mentoring new joiners for the D&I initiatives and spreading the awareness,volunteering to mentor students who were affected during covid times, etc.

For me inclusion and diversity does not restrict to a particular gender or age but to have an inclusion for Everyone.

Apart from other things I contribute in, I have tried to make an impact by suggesting and working towards making my software applications more inclusive-with making the User Interface accessible by adding access for keyboard readers, digital assistance so that the applications I build is ACCESSIBLE.

I have been also trying to “sit at the table” and “get my voice heard” so I can inspire someone else to do the same. I have had several early promotions in my career, have taken on challenges which have benifitted the organisation as a whole, got recognised at an organisational level a few times like “DDP Star Award”. I have also initiated and ran various Women in Tech group on an organisation level in my previous jobs.

I am an active member and contributor for different groups like: Women in Tech, Allyship, Diversity and Inclusion, Women Techmakers, to name a few.

I wish to make this world a place where everyone feels belonged and included. And I am trying to do that bit by bit. I aim to be a future leader where other little girls can look upto me and get inspired like I was when I was young!