Sammy is a highly experienced math teacher who recognises the transformative potential of technology in education. With over a decade of teaching experience across various educational levels, she has developed a deep understanding of the power of educational technology and accessibility. Sammy’s passion for making math accessible to all students, which she refers to as their “superpowers,” is evident in her work.

As a self-taught maternity returner, Sammy embraced technology to enhance her teaching practices and caught up with the rapidly evolving world. Her authentic approach and enthusiasm for technology have won over even the most skeptical teachers, making her a trusted advocate for educational technology.

Sammy’s extensive certifications, including being a Google Certified Trainer, Innovator, and Coach, as well as a Microsoft Certified Educator and Word Expert, demonstrate her commitment to staying at the forefront of technology integration in education. Her contributions to the EdTech 50 2021 list further validate her impact and leadership in the field.

In her current role as Teaching & Learning Maths Specialist at Glean, Sammy helps educational institutions worldwide leverage technology to support learning. Her expertise has been featured in publications such as Great FE Teaching and Amplifying Learning, highlighting the importance of technology in teaching mathematics.

Sammy’s dedication to equitable access for all extends beyond the classroom. She actively supports workplace teams at Glean in embedding technology for equitable access in various professional settings. Moreover, Sammy’s involvement with organisations like the Stemettes, the Maths Association, and local schools and colleges demonstrates her commitment to inspiring others to pursue careers in math and technology.

Volunteering with the Maths Association, Sammy hopes to contribute to developing professional development opportunities that empower teachers with technology in mathematics education. Additionally, she volunteers her time to support learning difficulties in individuals, aligning with her belief in levelling the playing field through technology.

As a multitasking parent, Sammy is always on the go, advocating for technology and its benefits for all. Whether it’s sharing time-saving technology hacks with local parents or speaking at career events, she strives to inspire others and create positive change through the intersection of math and technology.