Sanu Satpathy

I have spent over 10 years in the Tech industry across Asia Pacific, United States and United Kingdom advising multiple global organizations on Cyber Security.

I come across as an exemplary professional particularly focused on solving the identity and access challenges that enterprises face today. I graduated in Electrical Engineering, but I chose to be in Cyber Security to keep my adrenaline high – it is always ever changing, ever inventing, and ever innovating. I strongly believe that with the imminent cyber threats we face today, securing one’s own perimeter with the right credentials and privileges is the fundamental control that every enterprise should have.

Digital identity becomes extremely crucial given its artificial construct using a user’s identifiable attributes can be easily breached in today’s digital era with the advent of Artificial intelligence and Blockchain identity where often informed consent, and ethical trust is treated with lesser priority. The environment in technology is continuously evolving, so to succeed you need a growth mindset as nothing stands still. I always ensure that I am open minded to learn from the stance of a beginner, happy to adapt fast, and deliver faster with an inclusive attitude.