Sara Hidayatullah

Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelors in Economics and Public Policy in 2016.

After graduating, I joined the San Francisco office of Applied Predictive Technologies, which had recently been acquired by Mastercard. In 2017, I relocated to Mastercard’s London office and have been a part of the European team ever since.

I am currently a Managing Consultant in Mastercard’s Data & Services group. Within Data & Services, I am an expert in optimising business innovation and experimentation for our customers, primarily using our Test & Learn software. Test & Learn is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to accurately measure the profit impact of strategic pricing, merchandising, marketing, operations and capital expenditure initiatives, and to tailor those initiatives for maximum gain. On a day-to-day basis, I lead teams of analytics consultants and data engineers to deliver short-term projects and long-term software-as-a-service engagements to a broad range of clients across Europe.

Over the last two years, I have leveraged the skills I learned through my job to also pursue my passion for social impact; particularly through furthering the use of data science for social good and investing in social impact tech. At Mastercard, I am the UK’s Subject Matter Expert for the Government & Financial Inclusion vertical which involves mapping out how Mastercard can support local and national governments, public sector organisations and charities through its data assets, human capital, commercial partnerships and technologies.

I have run multiple projects aimed at understanding financial exclusion and improving financial inclusion in different parts of the UK and abroad. I have also led two data-thons (pro-bono hackathon-style consulting projects delivered by 10-15 consultants and engineers) with large charities, like the Big Issue Foundation and the Terrence Higgins Trust; helping them to understand their data, so they can tailor the right programs and actions for their community and go further with the resources they have. Most recently, I have led the development of the Inclusive Growth Score, which is a free to access, web-based platform that Mastercard has just launched in the UK. Sparked by the UK government’s levelling up agenda, we created the IGS tool to provide a credible and quantifiable socio-economic profile of each neighborhood in the UK that local planners, governments and impact investors can leverage to ensure that investments are made in communities that need them the most.