In 2014 I graduated from Queens University with a Mathematics and Statistics bachelors degree. I then joined PwC as a graduate in their Forensics eDiscovery team in September 2014. I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do for my career, however the job description sounded really interesting and I knew PwC was regarded as a great place to work from the research I had done.

My technical knowledge grew rapidly in my first 6 months, a key memory was going on client site in Dublin within my first weeks to forensically image multiple laptops as part of an ongoing eDiscovery investigation. In 2020 I took a year off for maternity leave, and returned as a newly promoted manager in April 2021. At that point in time I knew I wanted a change in role and was offered a trial 6 month period in the PwC Application Solutions team. The Application Solutions team specialise in using low code technology to build out highly quality applications for internal and external clients in substantially quicker times that it would take to build out using pro code. I had to get up to speed quickly with the low code technologies being used and soon was managing and delivering on multiple projects at once. In October 2022 my role in the Application Solutions team was made permanent and I have since been involved in the planning, development and support of over 10 different applications.