I cut my teeth writing for the UK’s first online fashion magazine in the late 90s, and worked for the online publisher WideMedia after graduating from Surrey Institute of Art & Design in 2000. I then went on to co-direct a small design and marketing agency in Durham before joining Visualsoft, a leading eCommerce provider, in 2009.

Although I had a keen interest in tech, my initial roles at Visualsoft were much more focused on marketing and communications, however after documenting the features and functionality of Visualsoft’s eCommerce platform, I gravitated towards the technical side of the business. With encouragement and support from Visualsoft’s CEO, Dean Benson, I went on to establish and manage the company’s Research & Development (R&D) department. Today the R&D team is responsible for continuously improving the strength, scope and performance of Visualsoft’s platform, which powers over 1,200 online stores, as well as the internal tools we use at Visualsoft to deliver client services.

In September I accepted the position of Head of Platform at Visualsoft, and as such will be overseeing more existing technical departments within the company, and establishing new teams and micro-services to help us achieve our vision to become the number one eCommerce platform in the UK.