Sarah MacNeill

As someone who’s always enjoyed solving problems, it’s great to work as a Software Engineer where I have the opportunity to tackle complex challenges every day.

My technology journey began when I started at the University of St Andrews in 2015. I took an introductory programming module and loved it — so much so that I switched my degree to Computer Science within a few months! I graduated with First Class honours in 2019 and joined J.P. Morgan’s Software Engineer program, having interned with the firm during my studies.

Though early in my career, I’ve worked with a huge variety of exciting technologies including public and private cloud, IAC and chaos engineering. I’ve delivered features across the full stack, having worked on multiple projects from concept to delivery and maintenance. My team’s apps support the firm’s Public Cloud strategy and various learning and development initiatives, and I have significantly contributed to the usability and accessibility of our products, ensuring they are both inclusive and a joy to use.

Outside of my day job I share my passion and knowledge with others through mentorship and teaching. Internally, I support JPMC’s social learning communities of practice, and externally I mentor women trying to break into technology, and have taught software engineering skills to hundreds of people through volunteer work with Code First Girls, at local primary schools, and at the University of Glasgow. I’ve found this work extremely rewarding, as I’ve been able to solidify my own knowledge; build my network; improve my communication skills, and help others along the way.