saritha Arunkumar

Saritha has over 17 years of experience all being in IT Security space and has been working in wide span of roles such as Security Lead, Consultant, Specialist, Senior Architect and now Security Leader.

She has gained deep expertise in Identity and Access Management solutions, Web Services security, and Public key Infrastructure, Cryptography and Internet security. Most of the projects that she has been involved revolve around creating end-to-end security architectures, designs and security solutions.

Her vast experience with major banks, insurance firms, social security organizations, telecommunications, trading organizations, retail has made her Subject Matter Expert in Tivoli and WebSphere suite of security products including DataPower, TFIM, TAMeb, TAM-ESSO, TIM, TSOM and TCIM. She also has in-depth experience in defining end-to-end security architecture, high level and detail security designs and Infrastructure security solutions. She has also worked on a number of security assessment engagements, which involved assessing IBM WebSphere Application Server on AIX and Solaris systems.

Saritha has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering, MBA in Operations Management and received her PhD in Mobile Security from City University, London in 2016. She has presented in a number of conference proceedings and has published papers on Security. Her research contribution to the wider IBM community has been demonstrated from time to time by chairing and presenting at IBM internal security seminars/workshops. She has worked on a number of Biometrics projects including EEG biometrics for authentication and invariant age progression of faces.

Saritha is working on a number of research projects that look at innovative and emerging solutions in Security. She is also currently the overall security architect for a very high profile project called Digital Trade Chain, bringing many Banks together using Blockchain and IAM solutions.

She has enhanced her personal eminence through external collaborations and connections and is also a key delegate/contributor of the Biometrics Standards body SC37. Saritha has presented at a number of BCS and IET events and is the Fellow of British Computer Society (BCS)