I’m a co-founder and COO of Nuggets, a blockchain-based platform enabling super-secure payments and identity management.

I have over 18 years’ strategic experience leading teams and delivering large-scale commercialization, products, campaigns and projects.

I’ve launched global products across wide-ranging regions and cultures for brands like Skype and Microsoft, achieving major user engagement and acquisition. I’ve built and led global and co-located teams in start-ups and multinational corporations, both client and agency side.

I’ve gained a great depth of knowledge and experience in numerous technologies, understanding and assessing their viability and devising strategies for their implementation. I’ve turned concepts into fully-fledged and widely-used products, and developed successful GTM strategies .

I’m also the London Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. This organisation aims to educate, empower, celebrate and support women in business, to drive economic expansion and alleviate poverty.