Selena Milanovic

As a passionate biomedical engineer at the University of Oxford, Selena is continuously striving to contribute to scientific advance and community engagement.

The impact of her research on brain degenerative diseases gained her an invitation to present her findings in the UK Parliament, which she saw as an opportunity to advocate the importance of government support for scientific advance.

Being deeply involved in outreach programmes, she is the chief partnership officer at Knowing Neurons, one of the most popular neuroscience media platforms worldwide. As an alumna of the Oxford and Cambridge RisingWISE (Women in Engineering and Science) community, she is also a strong advocate for women empowerment, enthusiastically engaging in public talks. Most recently, aiming to contribute to a human-centred COVID-19 recovery plan, she was part of the winning team in the World Economic Forum policy hackathon, designing a homelessness prevention plan that is currently being considered by the Oxford City Council.

As a result of her achievements and leadership experience, she was awarded the Next Generation Women Leaders prize by McKinsey & Company in 2020.