Having joined EY as a graduate in the Corporate Finance team I spent four years gaining mergers and acquisition experience before moving into the firm’s innovation and technology team. Over the last year I have led the development and integration of emerging technologies into the EY practice, specifically focussing on artificial intelligence and natural language. Working across teams, geographies and stakeholders, we work to design the most impactful technology solutions for our people that focuses on evaluating datasets and producing deliverables embedded with human-like analysis almost instantaneously. In retrospect, I think the drive to use and build technology that can empower people has been a long-held one for me. At 17 in my first job I wrote a fairly complex macro that ended up saving consultants about 20% of their total time by automating a manually intensive task. In my current role, I have, alongside a small team, worked to create and deliver the first rollout of natural language in EY’s business globally, which has the potential to fundamentally transform how our people do their work and how we serve our clients.