Sharon Li

Sharon is the Innovation Mindset Lead in Barclays Chief Technology Office and has been leading the strategic transformations through empowering and inspiring leaders and colleagues across the organisation.

She provides innovation advices to senior leaders across Barclays to solve their business challenges and empowers their leadership team and colleagues with Innovation platform, intrapreneurship programmes, processes and techniques. She also works closely with Fintechs and Tech startups and successfully delivered many innovative solutions to Barclays and their customers and clients. During the pandemic, she led the external Fintech engagement programme of Fintech Pledge for Barclays to drive efficient and effective collaboration between Barclays and Fintechs and successfully delivered the Fintech Pledge Principals by bring Fintechs and internal stakeholders along on journey with her. Prior to this, Sharon was a Senior Programme Manager for Material Models Programme and she worked with a large group of stakeholders across Business, Data sourcing, Model developers and Technology team to enhance Barclays modelling capabilities across the end to end model management lifecycle.

Sharon joined Barclays 8 years ago and has previous work experiences in startups in the UK and Asia. She is also a qualified Chartered Global Management Accountant. Throughout her career, Sharon has been a strong advocate for Diversity and Inclusion. Combining her innovation knowledge, she can bring together an in-depth understanding of custom centric propositions and solutions alongside diversity and inclusion. As the CTO D&I lead, she established CTO D&I strategies and workstreams with CTO leadership team and actively leads a varies of initiatives including hosting Barclays Chief Technology Office spotlight sessions in the EMEA Grace Hopper Conference.