We are empowering women to enter and remain in tech.

Our network supports women in tech by:

1. Being the go-to women in tech blog. We have more than 30 content contributors globally that write commissioned articles to support women along their journeys in tech. Our blogs get on average 1,000+ views p/article.
2. We do personal 1-to-1 free career consultancy with women that request it in our network. We’ve advised more than 200 women personally on personal branding, career options, women networks to join, events to attend, courses to upskill and companies to consider working for.
3. We run events that host on average 90 people. Our events attempt to focus on technology, and be representative of women and minorities. E.g. MusicTech event saw 5 leading musictech founders and senior employees come together to discuss the importance of diversity in music tech, the wins, and the challenges the industry are facing. Other events are often informal to get women in tech talking about their careers, and we offer support. We also curate and advertise events from our ecosystem partners to enable women to find the best events to attend, regardless of whether we host them or not.
4. We consult with tech companies on diversity hiring and policies. We have spoken to more than 150 companies about what we’re doing, given them ‘low-hanging fruits’ on how to increase the number of women in their firm and retain them; and we are currently building a product to help them further.
5. We are constantly researching women in tech, from academic journal articles to interviews and stories – we aim to uncover what women really want and how we can shape the tech industry and change perceptions to get there.
6. We have interviewed role models in tech and share their stories with our community.
7. We work with remote engineers who are driven by our value-proposition to build tools to solve problems for women in tech.


– More than 30 companies supporting our development and growth
– Speaker at TechConnect 2016, 2017 (Virgin Media’s 2,000 person annual tech event)
– Speaker at Diversity in Technology, London 2017
– Speaker at SheHive, by SheLeadsAfrica 2017 (upcoming)

What makes us different?

As opposed to just being a network, we’re building tools based on the data, knowledge and stories we’ve analysed to empower women and their careers in technology. We collaborate extensively with the broader ecosystem to ensure that we are giving women the full picture.. We have a remote team of more than 50 people globally that work to make this a success and as powerful as it can be.