I’ve been working in ‘digital’ roles since 2000, when the primary objective was to help people make the shift from browsing brochure content on websites, to actually purchasing.

Working as a digital planner/buyer, one thing I’ve always been proud of was that I negotiated the first ever cost-per-click deal! I had no idea what a big deal that was at the time.

I moved from a wave-making small digital agency to an online casino (the low point), and then into Digital Financial Services, in 2006. In my financial services roles I’ve taken the lead on introducing new digital platforms and journeys, where none existed, as well as improving the experience for customers applying for financial products and transacting on their accounts.

Prior to joining HSBC Commercial Banking I worked at NewDay, a retail credit card company with an amazing focus on tech-first solutions to help customers be better with credit. My role evolved to be the first Product Owner and champion of agile development. It was a privilege to be asked to establish and embed a new organisational culture and this bottom-up, tech-led way of working has since earned NewDay an enviable reputation in the financial technology sector.

I joined HSBC in 2019, initially as part of the team building the revolutionary app-based UK business bank, HSBC Kinetic; the first to fully utilise the Google Cloud Platform. I was able to add huge amounts of value through my experience in outcome-based prioritisation and the way the business engaged its people; recognising that it’s often the developers who have the best ideas for change and inviting them to share accountability for the backlog and KPIs.

I’ve been working in the wider Digital Business Banking team since 2020, as owner of the online application journeys, in particular for lending.