I am a business transformation consultant with over 15 years of work experience in IT industry across Presales, delivery & solutioning, with expertise in time consuming, complex processes across industry.

Very early on I knew I wanted a career in technology. I followed this path to attain my Bachelor of Technology in IT and work in an international IT services firm as a Software Developer at first and then subsequently got promoted.

My parents raised my sister & I without any bias and hence it was only while earning my daily dal-fry, that I realised how far the gap extended between men & women. I experienced this gap in different forms, and not just in India but everywhere I went for my work – Japan, Hong Kong, France. I learnt to deal with it my own way. I am a firm believer in girl power- and that Harry Potter wouldn’t have completed his first year in Hogwarts if it wasn’t for Hermione (courtesy Social Media)- These professional & cultural experiences changed me as I got a firm voice & a tough reputation early on because of my exposure to it.

Gaining new skills and techniques in order to enhance myself in a positive manner has been a priority in my life. Hailing from a technology background, I had a strong hold on my analytical skills, but in order to work upon my management acumen and proficiency I took a break to do a one year resident executive management program specialising in Marketing.

This marked a shift in the roles that I started to take in that they became more people facing than backend development. I then grew from Consultant to Senior Consultant to Manager.

That still would be a typical IT consultant’s journey. A turning point for me came when I came to London, five years ago, when I got the opportunity to be at the centre for digital transformation of a Housing department of London borough. Having worked predominantly in the back end, it was always easy for me to see the power of IT in improving & automating a process, but it was only here that I saw first-hand, the massive human impact technology (and my work) could have.

It was also here that I found a match made in heaven in terms of joining Avanade and becoming a member for the newly formed Women’s Employee Network. I joined the employee network looking to meet like minded people but then became a communications lead in charge of spreading its mission & vision across the organization and helped grow it as the network to 200+ strong network that it is today.