It is safe to say that I fell passionately in love with technology, almost a decade back even though it was much later that I formally worked in my first technology role.

I started my career in commercial real estate in 2011 as part of CBRE’s advisory team and over the next few years, led transaction advisory, sales, and consulting teams across India, and United Kingdom. In these various business roles, I realised quite quickly that the property industry was already significantly late to digital and data revolution – that we hadn’t quite woken up to the “Art of the Possible” when it came to business strategies underpinned by solid digital and data plans. Curious to see how technology could be harnessed, I took some time to step out of CBRE and explore the technology start up space.

My first foray into a tech role was when I started my own digital venture in 2016 and developed a thriving online community of over 50,000 Indian women coming together to share ideas, interests and promote independent, local businesses. As much as I loved the start up space, I shared an equal passion for real estate and hence decided to switch gears and join a prop tech in 2017, which brought my two favourite things together – property and product. It is in this environment, I learned how to apply a product mindset to a notoriously traditional sector and drive business value at a scale. As a leader of the London operations, I worked closely with engineering teams to deeply understand what our customers needed, and work backwards to develop products that were fit for purpose and drove value.

I came back to the CBRE UK business in 2019 to lead the data and analytics strategy team for one of top global accounts, and in 2021 transitioned to CBRE’s Business Transformation team as a Product Manager, focussed on strategic initiatives for the organisation including ESG and the Metaverse.