I will always be incredibly thankful that I grew up in a family surrounded by technology from an early age; it exposed me to many wonders from early on and has led me to begin a career in a field that I am truly fascinated by. I didn’t always understand the ‘how’ but I was always very curious about the ‘why’ and whilst I am sure that my endless questioning would have eventually frustrated some, my sense of curiosity still very much helps me today.

After graduating in 2018, with a degree in English and French , I stumbled my way into the world of technology, focusing on a variety of solutions, industries and markets. If anyone had told me mid-degree, that I would be running sales programmes, collaborating on industry focused solutions, and managing interactions across geographies and departments – I simply wouldn’t have believed them! I’ve spent the last 5 years developing my career within a sales focused role and to date now lead the Resources and Services industry at Engage ESM, focusing on market relevant solutions and promoting collaboration within the ServiceNow market.

When I explain my role to friends, new peers, or colleagues, I find the best way to articulate my role is a ‘professional introducer’. Truly, the best value I can bring to my customers and network, is to introduce them to expert in the field they seek advice in. If I can set that conversation up, that’s already a win – but if conversation drives value, outcomes and further discussions, even better. I am incredibly driven and motivated to continue to promote the influence that the upcoming generation that I am proud to represent, has a huge part to play in the future landscape of our ever so evolving industry.