I have started my career in career in Whirlpool EMEA as European junior product manager, before moving to the UK on assignment to work as Product Manager for the UK. I was identified as one of the young talent in the company, and I had the opportunity to understand how the local market worked, focusing on few key strategic priorities such as profit optimization. After 2 years, I was asked to go back to Italy to work on a project for Middle East and Africa, where the company had incredible targets for growth, but I missed the UK too much, so I decided to quit and accept the job in Sony UK as product manager for Handycam and new businesses. After few years in the role, I realised we might have underestimate the potential for the full Imaging business and I pitched to my manager and senior stakeholders in the company the idea of creating a position as Marketing Manager to lead all the consumer activities for the category. The proposal was accepted and I began an amazing journey into developing all the marketing activities for Sony cameras, until then left a bit behind by a strong competition. I structured a plan to turn it around across all touchpoints, online, in store, via pr and social media, and it worked across both the new and the old generation of photographers. Almost 6 months ago, I have received the call from Harman, that had an amazing opportunity to join their company to lead the marketing team for their consumer brand JBL, so I started a completely new journey into music tech.