Snehal Malhotra

Championing the University results as the Numero Uno for bachelors’ degree opened numerous avenues into the world of engineering and information technology for me. But the thought of writing codes and developing software to automate the monotonous-mundane admin tasks and the ability to do it daily felt a sense of contribution to preserve the ever so precious personal time.

I joined as an intern for a startup providing support and developing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for a live system at “Omniscient Softwares Private Ltd” used by “YESBank”. The appetite to provide real world working solutions to the tech world grew on me, consuming my days and dreams. During my first year, the startup won bigger projects which meant developing solutions for Collateral Management and Liquidity Management increased.

Integration of existing web and IT services to Mobile compatibility was teething back in 2010. I was assigned to explore this avenue for the business. Whilst this, in hindsight, proved very profitable for the company to expand its services, at the time was risky for a growing business. I was managing 4 team with 15 people in total (including testers).

Gaining experience from a startup, I decided to join Barclays to understand the work culture of multi-national companies and widen my experience. I am currently working as an AVP with Barclays, implementing Cyber Security Controls for providing application security to various applications and monitoring unauthorised access to networks. My core focus is Identity & Access Management (IAM) and Recertification solutions. IAM involves automating the initiation, capturing, recording and management of user identities and their related access permissions thereby ensuring that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.

My interests currently lay into Mobile Development, User Interfaces, Web Accessibility, network security, provisioning and recertification.