I am Sofia Lara, a driven front-end developer with an experienced career in the technology industry. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, I started my journey at Corporación América International, where I developed and designed websites for various industries. Seeking new challenges, I relocated to the UK in 2017 and played a crucial role in the digital transformation of D&G, a real estate company. Later on in 2019 I joined Zone to specialise in front-end, where I quickly earned two promotions and won two value awards for my work and contributions.

As a senior front-end developer, I made significant contributions to major projects for high-profile clients like Electrolux and Greene King, serving millions of online users using modern javascript frameworks like Vue.js and React. Notably, I enhanced and delivered new features for Greene King’s table booking system. My expertise and leadership led to my selection by Greene King for the next phase of their project. Additionally, I mentored junior developers and guided them to certifications and software development exam success.

Beyond my professional achievements, I am passionate about inspiring others in the tech industry. Through articles on Medium, I share my experiences as a woman in tech, shedding light on challenges and triumphs. I have also conducted a free MOOC on using GitHub for Code First Girls, empowering aspiring female developers. At Zone, I actively mentor apprentices and junior developers, introducing them to agile methodologies and helping them develop their soft and technical skills.

Inclusivity is a core value for me, and I champion inclusive interview processes while organizing engineering community events and hackathons. Notably, I contributed to the “Women in the Metaverse” event on Women’s Day, focusing on women’s safety. I prioritize the career growth of my tech team by advocating for dedicated training and personal development time.

My impact extends to the community, where I utilize my technical skills for social good. I developed a free local community website, providing information about local businesses and recycling points. Furthermore, I created an e-commerce website for an emerging South American female artist and designed websites for brides-to-be.

Alongside my professional endeavors, I pursue a Computer Science degree at Goldsmiths, University of London, further expanding my knowledge. I have represented Zone and female tech leaders at conferences, where I shared insights and inspired aspiring women in the field.

I like to inspire others through mentoring, speaking engagements, and volunteer work. My commitment to inclusivity, sustainability and community empowerment further strengthens my reputation in tech.