Sophie Sheehan

Certified scrum master, SAFe Agilist, Lean Kanban University Trainer and Lean six sigma black belt with over fifteen years experience of applying agile and lean methodologies across the organisational management structure.

Training, coaching and leading teams in project governance, project management, business analysis and software delivery in an agile and lean context.

Over twenty years experience of software development and business analysis of desktop / web applications and real time embedded control systems. Strong analytical skills combined with Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Test Driven Development, Agile software development practices and Lean Six Sigma in a technical environment.

Since embarking on my own personal transformation, I have gained a unique insight into what its like to go through a transformation. As an Agile Coach, this has opened my eyes to the emotional journey and challenges individuals, teams and organisations have to overcome. This has changed my perspective on how to approach coaching teams and organisations.

I am also a strong advocate for the LGBT community, especially focusing on transgender equality.

Areas of Expertise

● Agile and Lean Software methodologies,
● Behavioural Driven Design, Value driven development , User stories, automated acceptance testing
● Responsive Web Design, XML, HTML, CSS, Angular JS
● UML, Agile modelling, Data and functional modelling
● C++, Core Java, Java Native Interface, C#, vbscript, javascript, ruby on Rails
● Relational database design, SQL (Microsoft SQL, Sybase, mysql)
● Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC, DMEDI), Design for Lean Six Sigma (IDOV