I found my passion for technology when I discovered automated driving, as I learn about the complex super systems and the interdependencies I couldn’t help but think wow, now this is for me.

I started engineering by chance after wanting an easy lift to my work experience, he apprentices let me put a pop rivet in the wall and I was sold, this was what I wanted to do, well fast forward 4 years I am now working at Dixon Group Europe as an apprentice engineer and I though there has got to be more than this CNC turning and milling. Then I started to look for what is next, some of my friends had gone to university which I had always discounted because I didn’t really understand what it was and why people went when I was at school, but I saw for these jobs I needed a degree and there was only one way to get it. So I left my job applied for a Whitworth scholarship and a mechanical engineering degree at Lancaster University. This is when I understood what engineering was and remember being so fascinated by how synchronised motors worked along with lots of other topics. After finishing my degree with a 2:1 I moved onto working in production at a fuel tank manufacturing facility for Unipart Logistics on their Leadership Graduate programme. I worked in project engineering for fuel tanks and fuel fillers as well as supporting with quoting for new business. Prior to me taking over programme management for fuels, the factory had lost a lot of business from their key customer as pat of my role as programme manager I needed to improve the factories reputation to the customer ensuring engineering change was handled efficiently and without quality issues so we could possibly win some new projects. This was successful as I left Unipart to begin my journey into automated driving the factory had just won their 1st new project in 4 years, we succeeded. During my time in automated driving I worked across verification and validation of software, project management of super system delivery and certification delivery. I am now in my first JLR management position in the Jaguar team delivering JLRs world ADAS system on to the new all electric Jaguar platform and i couldn’t be more proud, creating an icon with all the technology of a new car of this generation.