I hold a PhD in Communications. I am currently working as a Vice President in Customer Digital and Data department in Barclays providing consultancy to 10 different Federated teams in various geographical locations that use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform in Barclays, supporting these teams in Salesforce adoption, new implementations, best practices and new integrations.

I am constantly upskilling and inspiring colleagues to learn and grow. I have 5 certifications in Salesforce and on top of the Trailblazer Leaderboard in Barclays with 1664 Badges and 39 Superbadges in Salesforce Trailhead learning platform. I regularly conduct tech upskilling session for colleagues to learn and adopt Salesforce. I had participated in ‘Women in Machine Learning’ initiative organized by Barclays as student in an earlier cohort and went on to Mentor colleagues in the next cohort.

I am invested in Women in Technology initiative, a proud member of Barclays Woman in Technology (WiT) group and regularly volunteered in ‘IT Girls Allowed’ initiative conducted by Barclays to inspire school girls to take up Technology careers.