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Everyone wants to own an e-commerce business but not everyone puts in the effort to understand what exactly it is they are getting into.

Starting an e-commerce business for all the wrong reasons is the perfect recipe for failure. Same way not everyone is cut out to be a doctor is exactly how not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

If you want to start a business successfully and keep it successful, you need to do research to understand your strengths and weaknesses, identify what consumer needs you’ll be satisfying, the means through which you’ll satisfy said needs, and much more. Failing to take all these into consideration is why 50% of most businesses fail within five years of taking off.

If your goal is a successful ecommerce business you can be proud of, then you need to start by first considering these 6 important things.

Your team

Do you intend on going into the business solo or do you plan on working with a team? Each option comes with unique benefits and you should go for the one that will help you accomplish your long term goals faster. Going with a team can be advantageous if you pull together the right group of people with the right skills. But the wrong team can be expensive as well as ineffective.


Ecommerce businesses tend to cost less to start than a typical business. This is because the cost of certain overheads are unnecessary in an ecommerce venture. But even though it costs less, you still need to figure out an effective way to finance the start-up of your ecommerce enterprise and how you’ll get the money to keep it running.

Do you need a website?

In this present age and time, every business be it ecommerce or otherwise needs a website. As an aspiring e-commerce business owner, what you need to figure out is what sort of hosting service will best suit your business and what website design will serve you best. A mobile-friendly website is essential.

Target market

To craft your business for success, you need to identify the consumers who your services are aimed at. With this information, you can effectively tailor your ecommerce business to be more attractive to the customer base you have in mind.


It’s smarter to identify what people want/need so as to offer them a product or service that satisfies their need. The alternative is to offer a product that nobody wants and then try to convince them that they need it. The former approach has a higher chance of success than the latter.


By identifying your competition, you will have a better understanding of your chances of success and can craft a business strategy to help you craft a niche for your business. Ignoring the competition can lead to your business being overshadowed and crushed by bigger brands before any notable success.

By taking all six of the above into consideration, your ecommerce business has not only a better chance of starting well but also a fighting chance of staying viable for a long time to come.