Stephanie Owen

I have always had a passion for mathematics and was lucky enough to receive a lot of support throughout my education from both parents and teachers.

My interest in technology came from my choice of logic and computing modules during my undergraduate degree, and I went on to study a master’s degree in ‘The Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications’ in 2013.

A year later, I joined O2 on the graduate scheme, which combined leadership and management training with a full-time role within the Data Science team. I soon developed strong coding and analytical skills and learnt a lot from my extremely knowledgeable colleagues, who were always happy to help.

After 18 months I took an opportunity as an insight analyst at British Airways. BA had just started the move into data science at that time, and so I took on the role of a Data Science advocate, joining a steering group which consulted on the tools and technology we should be using as well as providing use cases and best practice examples.

In 2017 I took a senior role in the Data Science team back at O2, which is the role I am currently in. Predominantly, my work is focused on improving the Customer Experience, and enhancing the way we communicate with our customers through personalisation.