Technology LeadershipStepping up to a leadership position as a women in tech can be a daunting process, but I have gone through that process and it does not have to be. 

When I first entered the industry, I found that climbing the career ladder in a male orientated sector can be difficult. It can feel like we are in the wrong place, excluded from the conversations that occur within the heart of our sectors. However, to disrupt the status quo, I quickly learnt that is vital to have the confidence in your own ability and to have the desire to make your voice heard; this is something that I encourage my colleagues to do both in their professional and personal lives every day. I believe that having a great mentor provides an extra layer of support and guidance too – knowing that you have somebody in your corner helping to facilitate your professional development can really be instrumental in the advancement of your career.

It is also important that women open doors for other women and that we help to elevate one other to ensure that our voices our heard and our ideas are firmly on the table. When I started my career, there were very few women in the profession meaning that it was overwhelming going into a space where you can visibly see that you have little to no representation. Beginning my career in this environment taught me the importance of being relentless and passionate in all areas of my work. It is these skills that have enabled me to advocate for not only myself, but to champion the progression of others too.

As women, we must acknowledge that we are just as capable and have just as much right to be here at the forefront of our professions and lead the next generation, as our male counterparts. By showing just how successful we can be, I hope this will inspire the next cohort of women to assume leadership positions within STEM fields too.

About the author

Hayley Mooney is the Country Manager of Crayon UK, a leading IT advisory firm in software and digital transformation services with an aim to use technology to drive the greater good.

Hayley has worked in the Software channel industry for 20 years. Her passion for software, cloud computing, and the Channel industry has led her to work with some of the industry’s leading providers, from simple Security and on-premises Storage to the Public Cloud. Prior to Crayon, Hayley was the director of Propel Technology Solutions which assists businesses with the licensing and cost management of their software estates, whilst the enabling projects driven through Vendors and Channel partners.

Hayley has spent the last ten years immersed in the public cloud environment, learning about the good, bad, and unknown. Her combined expertise and skills make her a strong and capable advisor who assists Partners and Customers in making the best decisions possible on a daily basis. Mooney has been recognized by CRN Women in Channel Awards.