Sucharitha Revanuru

I am a doctorate in the Application of Crop Simulation Models in Semi-Arid Tropics, where we use Agricultural Production Systems Simulation Models to assess the impact of climatic changes on production, resource use efficiency, and impact of management practices on crop productivity in tropical smallholder farming systems in Africa and India.

The computer simulation models help marginal and poor farmers to predict their crop yields, and guide them through to improve their management practices to minimise the risks for greater yields. I have good research experience working with national research and extension staff for transferring of technology from lab to land, thereby helping the end user.

As a Software Quality Analyst and lead in Health care domain, involved in assessing and testing the quality of the different applications in compliance with Connection for Health guidelines and Specifications. As a quality test specialist in Telecom, participated in analysing the efficiency of the industry leading desktop solution which supports network optimization and validation and is used in 2G, 3G, and LTE rollouts.

Currently working as a Business Analyst for the end client Genomics of England, actively involved in understanding the complex systems associated with NGIS (National Genomics Informatics System) which is being undertaken by GEL for personalised care of Rare disease and Cancer patients. This is the extension of 100K Genomics project. The systems supporting this are most complex and highly dynamic, as the requirements keep changing, I have developed deep knowledge, adapted techniques to tackle the critical defects and helped the Sample Messaging System work to the expectations of the NHS Standards. And the work is still in progress, and my continuing efforts are in to it to make it better for the patients.