Growing up near Heathrow Airport, I became fascinated by Aircraft! Watching them take off and land in an orchestrated procession was mesmerising for a young child.

I can also remember the first time I saw Concorde take off. Watching from the pavement nearest to the runway, through a meshed fence, I was truly captivated by the roar and tremors created by such an elegant machine.

Following my interest in understanding how things work, I pursued a career in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield with Private Pilot Instructions. I learnt the principals of Physics and Engineering and directly applied my understanding practically through learning to fly, where I felt most alive.

I started my career at Airbus starting as a Graduate Engineer and now 10 years on I have continually challenged myself, embraced change and adapt from learning new technical disciplines and different ways of leading. From developing as a Lead Wing Stress Structures Engineer, to a Senior Landing Gear Systems Engineer, and now growing my understanding in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field for Aircraft systems.

In my current role as a Research & Technology Landing Gear technical leader, I lead complex technical transnational projects which address the future aviation challenges of autonomy, electrification and sustainability, shaping the future of aviation.