Sunaina Aytan

Sunaina Aytan is a Cyber Secruity Analyst at eSecure, STEMettes Ambassador and the Founder of Digital-FemAge.

Having graduated only a year ago in BSc in Computing at the University of Kent, I have been working as a Cyber Security Analyst at eSecure over the last 10 months. In a short amount of time, I have coordinated and successfully delivered a number of penetration tests across a diverse range of technologies, including web, network, and mobile.

Being the only female in my cyber security team, I am extremely passionate about inspiring and motivating young girls to pursue careers in tech. This encourages my work as an ambassador for the non-profit organisation STEMettes, where I actively help mentor the future female generation by taking part in panel sessions, webinars, solo talks and offering general advice and guidance. Most recently, I delivered a lightening talk at Bank of America Merrill Lynch with STEMettes, highlighting the issues regarding diversity and the lack of women in the cyber field.

My passion for increasing diversity in STEM fields has encouraged my start-up Digital-WomanAge, launching 2020. The UK’s first Digital Magazine celebrating young female talent with the aim of creating a digital platform for the more understated ‘supermodels’ of the world. Being the first generation to attend University and the only female in my family to pursue a career in technology, the presence of role models was definitely absent whilst growing up. Digital-FemAge helps to provide a platform for young females to feel included and visually represented in all industries.