Susan Falola

Having worked in finance, marketing and project management for several years. I am dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion as CEO / Creative Director of JUUBIX.

I am actively involved in and focused on using technology such as blockchain, augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence to underpin my ideas and creations. With an enhanced cognitive ability, and real passion for diversity & inclusion I have successfully managed over 24 collaborators with 10 members having senior experience to my own standing. I now seek to develop and disrupt financial markets with my innovative eco-system called JUUBIX, a distributed connected cloud based solution for internal and external collaboration activities. Connecting ideas to expertise and investment, JUUBIX acts as a Jukebox for selecting matched collaborators and stakeholders creating real time connections based on criteria, whilst mathematically shuffling them like a rubik cube across sectors and disciplines to create liquid networks. Now everyone can feel inclusive and JUUBIX their way to the top!