I am an electronics engineering graduate from India, and my journey in the technology field began when I started my career as an SQL developer and API programmer at a Big5 consulting company during my work placement. This experience provided me with a solid foundation in software development and database management.

Shortly after, I was honoured to receive the prestigious Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship, which allowed me to pursue a Research master’s degree in industrial engineering at the University of Cambridge. I successfully completed my postgraduate studies with distinction and became an alumnus of Cambridge.

Following my studies, I joined another Big 5 consulting firm as a technology graduate analyst in the United Kingdom, where I focused on Systems Design and Architecture within the Consulting division. During my time there, I had the opportunity to work on various client projects in the telecommunications and financial technology sectors. Through these experiences, I gained expertise in solution analysis, IT project delivery, and digital transformations.

One area of specialisation I developed during my tenure at my previous employer was legacy technology decommissioning and packaged software application design and implementation. I became well-versed in ERP, CRM, and Systems API integrations, which significantly improve response times for our clients. Furthermore, I demonstrated a proven track record of leading and managing IT-enabled change projects in a complex, multi-vendor landscape.

Seeking new challenges and opportunities, I transitioned to my current employer as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Digital Architecture. In this role, I ventured into the public sector, leading a digital transformation initiative for a local police force. My main responsibility is to modernize their integration architecture and streamline delivery for their ambitious programme to replace their legacy call handling and despatch systems.

During my time with my current employer, I expanded my expertise beyond software and applications. I gained valuable experience in network architecture, security design, and infrastructure assessments working on a critical national infrastructure program. This exposure broadened my understanding of technology’s role in enabling secure and resilient systems.

In addition to my professional achievements, I have also pursued continuous personal development. I hold certifications in TOGAF and ITIL methodologies, and as Scrum Master; with additional training in eTom maps. These certifications have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of solution architecture & project management, allowing me to adapt to both traditional waterfall and agile methodologies.

Beyond my technical background, I have a keen interest in psychology, particularly organisational psychology. I am currently pursuing a part-time, long-distance master’s degree in psychology with a major in organisational psychology. This additional academic pursuit complements my professional endeavours and contributes to my holistic understanding of organizations and their dynamics.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated a passion for technology and a drive to leverage it for transformative change. I thrive on solving complex problems and collaborating with diverse teams to deliver innovative solutions. I look forward to continuing my journey in the technology field, embracing new challenges, and making a positive impact in the ever-evolving digital landscape.