A decade into a successful career in travel, seeking a new challenge and personal growth, Swati took the brave decision to pivot into IT.

Since then, she has progressed from strength to strength, becoming an expert in delivering flagship digital projects including for local government platforms, large blue-chip companies, smaller agencies, and well-known social platforms.

Swati is tenacious, exacting and focussed. Her drive and communication lead her various, diverse, multiple-discipline teams to a shared vision, steering everyone to be the best they can.

Whilst the world suffered a pandemic, Swati chose to give something back. She took a significant pay cut and joined a children’s mental health charity to create Parenting Smart, an online support platform to provide parents, carers, and children support, in unprecedented times.

Swati is a huge advocate for diversity and inclusion, flying the flag for those that are less visible in certain sectors. Having spent the last 10 years in white, male dominated businesses, she is resolute in her mission to increase diverse talent pools, demographically reflecting society. Her belief is that differing perspective inputs; give broader understanding leading to more relevant products. This has been proven by her successful deliveries and the breadth of uptake and KPIs achieved. As well as being attentive in identifying areas of improvement, more importantly, Swati provides pragmatic and applicable suggestions on how to bring about better change.

Swati is one of 2 sisters and has 2 daughters herself. She is a huge promotor of the belief that ‘girls can do anything’ and is always keen to help make a difference and walk the walk.

Swati exemplifies what a woman in tech is. Someone who inspires and encourages others. Someone who not only wants to be the best, but straightens other’s crowns first.