I started a career in retail – FMCG to be specific – and worked at both ends of the spectrum. First in a managerial role managing a number of supermarkets that were focused on the end product and getting this to customers, then I moved to the opposite end of the spectrum and worked for manufacturer focused on getting the products into stores. Both jobs were great in giving me exposure to the world of work and retail specifically, but I knew I wanted something more.

Convinced I could find something more, I took a role in Commercial Finance working for a bank – I joined the bank just before the property market crash in 2008, so my role changed as soon as I joined, but I learnt a lot about risk management and how not to lend money. The market conditions were very challenging and so was the role, but I realised how much I enjoy working with customers, understanding more about their business and how the bank could support with tailored solutions, but I still wanted more….

I entered the world of technology later in my career after having spent time in industry where I learnt what I didn’t want from a career, which was really important in helping me to understand what I did want. I wanted a career that provided me challenge on a daily basis, where no 2 days were the same, with the opportunities to continually develop and learn from others around me. I made the leap into technology 8 years ago and I have not looked back. I can honestly say, no client is the same, no project is the same (even though you may be delivering the same solution), the teams I work with are rarely the same, but I love the variety and thrive on the challenge this presents.