Elizabeth Cadger

Elizabeth Cadger | Atos

Elizabeth Cadger

I am a part-time working mum, with 20 plus years’ experience in software development.

Much of my career has been healthcare related, where I have worked on a range of different projects for NHS Scotland including developing systems for electronic discharge letters, mobile software for Community Nurses, patient information and time recording systems and integration for Health and Social Care systems. Customer satisfaction has always been at the core of everything I deliver and truly believe that without customer buy in you can’t successfully deliver on technology projects.

I’ve had a keen interest in Accessibility for a number of years which came from working closely with the Accessibility team within the Scottish Government on a health and social care project. Taking what I learned here and using WCAG guidelines I have implemented standards and checks into my teams standard working practices, helping us to develop inclusive web applications.

Over the last few years, I have been involved in projects where I could pay back a little. I am buddy for the Atos Return to Work Network, where I have helped support females return to work following Maternity leave and I am a STEM Ambassador which has allowed me to mentor school children throughout the UK, contribute to Maths Week Scotland and get involved in other STEM related activities.

Rhiannon Reilly

Rhiannon Reilly | Atos

Rhiannon Reilly

Rhiannon is a HR professional with varied experience across HR and recruitment, technical project management and teaching. Since graduating the Teach First leadership programme in 2018, Rhiannon has carried with her a passion for creating a diverse and inclusive future within technology.

Rhiannon has a strong belief in growth mindset and providing opportunities and was keen to ensure she utilised her platform at Atos after moving on from teaching. Whilst working as a project manager, Rhiannon lead the graduate STEM network, putting on 13 STEM events over the year.  Rhiannon then founded the Ark Academy Partnership, provide access to information about careers in technology to pupils from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds, she has since led 3 successful events.

Over the past year, Rhiannon has Co-Chaired the gender network, leading and inspiring her committee and the wider network members. Rhiannon has run many sessions on complex topics such as non-binary, mental health and impostor syndrome, raising awareness and championing diversity and inclusion.

As a project manager, Rhiannon built successful relationships with her customer, managing a portfolio of 20-30 projects a month. Alongside this, Rhiannon achieved both foundation and practitioner PRINCE 2 within her first year. Moving into an internal project management position, Rhiannon then project managed an internal automation project leading to realised FTE savings.

Since moving into HR, Rhiannon has worked across employee relations, recruitment and projects. It is Rhiannon’s proactive attitude and interpersonal skills which have made her a driving force in any team she joins. Rhiannon deals with challenging situations adeptly and is always keen to provide intelligent solutions. Rhiannon also forms a key members of the self-run Atos talent programme LAUNCH, identified as one of the top 30 talents across Northern Europe.

Anna Leszek

Anna Leszek | Atos

Anna Leszek

My academic background is in Business Analytics. I completed a master’s degree from the Warwick Business School where I learned about statistics, machine learning, and coding.

I have completed my master’s thesis using survival analysis and text mining methods and got a first! This fuelled my ambition to discover more about software development principles in the Tech industry.

My primary focus is a project that aims to directly improve Her Majesty’s Passport Office’s processes by introducing new functionality to address customer needs and requirements. Furthermore, by conducting the root cause analysis, then finding a technical solution to resolve defective behaviour, using Agile techniques. I challenge myself on daily basis and extend my understanding of the technical procedures within Software Development and DevOps areas, systems, tools, and how all these parts fit together, where exactly they overlap and how they interact with each other. That has been a very rewarding experience thanks to wonderful and highly knowledgeable people that I had a chance to collaborate with.

I am also thrilled and truly proud to have initiated and to be leading the Atos 'Attune' project. This project is part of a new initiative that strives to support the workforce management team by increasing the efficiency of resource allocation and to ensure the fulfilment of employees’ aspirations. It is a pure joy and a lot of satisfaction to develop new practical leadership skills and work alongside very inspiring people. My team and I work on developing the database with a user-friendly front-end.

I have also been involved with a number of other initiatives which include creating the training plan for new Atos graduates that was based on my cohort’s experience and personal judgment while supporting them throughout. I am a part of the “Buddy” program, being the first point of contact for one of the graduates regarding questions about the company, all our processes, and work culture.


Natalia Jimenez

Natalia Jimenez | Atos

Natalia Jimenez

MSc in Biochemistry and PhD in Molecular Biology. I worked 14 years in R&D (1999-2012).

Since 2012, I have been developing my professional experience in consultancy and business development in the Life Science and Healthcare areas at international level. I enjoy tasks that offer variety and complexity. I love challenges and I address them in a very passionate manner. Highly intuitive, creative, and imaginative which are skills that allow me to innovate ways to develop new solutions, new business opportunities or to leveraging the existing ones. I have excellent communication skills and I’m naturally gifted for interpersonal relations. Especially talented to engage teams to pursuit an objective. With my great strategic vision, my solid life science background, and my extensive network, I easily get and nurture customer’s trust. I moved to the UK in 2016 to be closer to the life sciences innovation hub and created in 2020 the Atos’ Life Sciences Centre of Excellence in Cambridge.

Listen to our latest She Talks Tech podcast on 'How to Win Race to Zero with the Help of Green Tech' with Ivana Skerlikova, Atos

Listen to our latest She Talks Tech podcast on 'How to Win Race to Zero with the Help of Green Tech' with Ivana Skerlikova, Atos

She Talks Tech podcast - How to Win Race to Zero with the Help of Green Tech' with Ivana Skerlikova, Atos

Today we hear from Ivana Skerlikova, Global Decarbonization Director and Head of Green Network, Atos.

Ivana welcomes us to the starting line for the race to zero emissions as she discusses how we can use digital technologies to change the trajectory of current climate change predictions.

Ivana shares how we can decarbonize our digital technology, but also how we can use technology to decarbonize the world around us. You’ll gain insight about some of the best sustainability practices and explore how we can work alongside our clients, partners, and supply chain to get closer to Net Zero within the world of enterprise.

If you want to find out more about Ivana – you can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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Priya Kanda

Priya Kanda | Atos

Priya Kanda

It all kicked off 3 years ago as I enrolled onto the Apprentice Project Management Scheme following the completion of my A Levels. It was the best decision I made.

During my time as an Apprentice Project Manager, I coordinated 15-20 projects at any one time. Each project required the engagement of different suppliers and project resources, an understanding of different scopes and requirements and each with different levels of complexity and expertise. I was able to successfully turn over 50 projects for my client in the healthcare sector, improving efficiency across the hospital and enabling the release of front-line staff time by automating many administrative processes. Many of my recent projects in the area of outpatient transformation have also helped significantly with the increase of remote working due to Covid-19.

Diversity & inclusion is very much intrinsic to my career - presently and in the future - which is why 6 months into my Apprenticeship, I supported the organisation of our first “Changing face of technology” event. Two and a half years on, I’ve taken on a lead role and the third run is well underway, and it’s bigger than ever. The event invites BAME university students to explore the wide-ranging careers in technology with the opportunity to build a valuable network with professionals through our bespoke mentorship program. It fills me with pride to say many ex-attendees of the event have gone on to join Atos or other respective tech firms.

Atos Aspirations Event is another key event I ought to mention. This initiative targets 16-18-year-old from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Students have the chance to experience cutting-edge Atos innovation and the various routes to get into the tech sector such as Apprenticeships. I strongly believe this exposure will empower and provide young people with tangible goals to work towards.

Having successfully completed my Project Management Apprenticeship, I have moved into a Global Change & Employee Engagement role for our Healthcare and Life Science (HLS) Industry. The transition of going from a UK&I focus to a Global focus is challenging, but I adore the vast impact I can make through designing and implementing tools and creating an environment to enable all 12,000 employees in HLS to perform and feel supported.

Holly Mattinson

Holly Mattinson | Atos

Holly Mattinson

During Holly's studies at Lancaster University for an undergraduate BBA Management degree, she undertook a placement year with Atos.

Working as a Change Coordinator for a year in Atos' Service Management Centre opened her eyes to the incredibly fast paced and exciting world that is the technology and IT industry.

Following the achievement of a first class degree, Holly decided to start her career as a graduate in HR leading on the digital communications campaign for the launch of Atos' internal mobility programme. Leveraging her desire to learn and understand new tools and platforms in which to collaborate effectively, within a short time frame of her start date, she had designed and built a collaboration space and coordinated a supporting communication plan for the launch. During her time in HR, Holly also progressed into a project based role conducting projects such as the gender pay gap analysis for the company and subsequently driving efficiencies into the process using self taught macros that she built. Leveraging her new found excel skills, Holly also created a pay review modelling template to automatically calculate and illustrate different modelling scenarios.

Holly continued to challenge herself and was able to introduce the use of a desktop app building site as an internal means of information sharing in an interactive and engaging manner. This has since been widely adopted across the company with Holly conducting training sessions with colleagues from across Atos globally. Within her time in HR Holly was also recognised as a Digital Idol for her work.

Following her HR role, Holly became a customer engagement manager, responsible for creating a digital induction portal which has since grown into a global portal. She continuously sought innovative solutions to drive digital into her ways of working including creating an interactive PowerPoint pack as a different way of communicating key messages.

As of September this year, Holly has started a new role as Head of Internal Communications for Atos' Business Transformation Services division and is seeking out opportunities to drive innovation in digital communications.

Outside of her day job, Holly is an active member of Atos' diversity networks, leading on the relaunch of the UK&I STEM Network. As part of this initiative, she is part of a team of four launching Atos' first STEM Challenge this October and as well as supporting the development of a new STEM strategy as part of Atos' wider social value strategy. This includes supporting the organising of a STEM Innovation event and leading on designing blueprint collateral to support Atos employees in running their own STEM events. Holly also participated in the 2018 Million Makers competition with seven others in aid of The Prince's Trust, raising an incredible £307,000.

Laura Rutter

Laura Rutter | Atos

Laura Rutter

After graduating with an honours degree in Business Management and IT in 2006, I have had a few different job roles which have all be in very male dominated fields - starting with Recruitment in the construction industry, then moving to Investment Banking, followed by various Sales Consultant roles within areas such a Bovine genetics and Chemicals.

After building experience in different roles I joined Atos in 2009. As I have always been interested in technology and going back to the roots of my degree subject I finally started a career in IT. Even as a child I would pull apart calculators to see how they worked and later went on to building gaming PC's back - this in the day where a group of friends playing computer games together is now referred to as 'a LAN party' as we did not have internet available for gaming at that point in time. I have worked my way up in the company in various roles such as Incident Management, Team Leader and now I am Deputy Head of Digital Workplace. I manage a large team of Technical Engineers, Architects and Project Managers which currently has very few women. I have been very actively involved in addressing this, supporting and working to try to inspire women both internal and external to the company. I have managed teams for many different technologies over the years, I enjoy working with technology as it changes constantly and I am always amazed at what it can do. This is why I have been so passionate working to encourage more women and girls in to IT careers to address the gender balance and share the work that I love to do. I strongly believe that creating a gender balance and equal opportunity is incredibly important. I enjoy helping the next generation of women coming into the workforce to understand opportunities available to them and supporting them reach their potential. I joined Atos Aspire gender network 5 years ago getting involved in running webinars, organising charity events and attending training sessions externally to learn about how to support other women in the business as well as build on my own career and after displaying such a passion for the initiative I was asked to become a Co-Chair for the network to build on the work to support women in the business, provide advice for HR policies, help build training plans and creating mentoring programmes with webinar series to support career development.

Ivana Skerlikova

Ivana Skerlikova | Atos

Ivana Skerlikova

Moving from a small town in Slovakia, into a big London world can be scary. But once you get out of your comfort zone, great things may happen.

For me, it was to follow my passion and study Psychology. Once entering the workplace, I looked for opportunities to make a difference:

I launched ''Atos X'' - an annual TED style speaking competition to accelerate digital learning and at the same time to identify and grow our emerging talents. Over 10,000 people enjoyed it since 2016 and so it became the most popular non-mandatory training intervention we ever had. At the same time, our Atos X finalists mentored by one of our senior leaders will have their professional career accelerated, over 1/3 is getting new job offers on the back of the competition. This year we are expanding to Germany, USA and Netherlands.

I am a passionate green ambassador and appreciate that we need to act now to save our planet. I recently launched Atos Green Network - a community that aims is to connect like-minded individuals, raise environmental awareness and reduce carbon footprint. We are planting trees for each new members and so we will plant over 1,000 by the end of the year! The plan is to transform our offices (plastic free campus), data centres and operations for more green and sustainable and assist our clients on the same journey. Also to educate employees (create a personal footprint calculator) and volunteer in nature reserves and parks to actively protect our environment.

When Gender Pay Gap was introduced, I felt that the scope was too narrow and we surely need to look at other diversity and inclusion aspects. With a help of volunteers, I started a data analysis initiative to understand our BAME (Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities) employee data and identify any gaps in talent development, management and recruitment. Thanks to this intervention, various measures were put forward, such as BAME mentoring or recruitment & talent development targets to ensure we support and grow our diverse community.

In my spare time I support ANTZ charity by mentoring prison inmates in London and also volunteer as a Mental Health 1st Aider to support people who are going through a difficult times. At work, I recently moved into Health and Life Science department where I focus on projects that can help to transform our hospitals and that support drug research, so we can prevent or better handle situations as the corona outbreak.

Kaysee Sahni

Kaysee Sahni | Atos

Kaysee Sahni

Having joined Atos as a Digital Transformation Consultant in 2019, Kaysee quickly took leadership in demanding roles, and has become a trusted partner to clients across the public and private sector.

Within a year of joining the company, Kaysee played a key role in some of Atos’ most significant innovation workshops, namely StratHacks, and recently partnered with a leading utilities company to create a strategy for decarbonisation. Following this, Kaysee led the Business Change workstream on a large transformation programme, where she created a strategy for continuous engagement with Microsoft’s evergreen IT model and designed a Ways of Working campaign. She has since worked as the lead Business Analyst on a global Digital Workplace programme, where she demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of Microsoft 365 technologies and natural ability to understand user requirements.

Outside of client work, Kaysee goes above and beyond to champion digital technology through her extra-curricular activities. She is currently the engagement lead for Atos’ Green Network, who aim to leverage technology to create greener products and services for clients. She also leads Atos’ fundraising effort as part of the Million Makers programme, where she has created a number of innovative, digital initiatives to raise money for The Prince’s Trust. Kaysee invests her time in developing Atos’ internal offerings including Digital Strategy and Innovation, and recently evaluated the organisations’ communications strategy following the COVID-19 pandemic. She also educates colleagues about emerging technologies and significant client engagements through her organisation of regular Knowledge Shares.

In her free time, Kaysee volunteers as an NHS Digital Champion, where she provides free training sessions to improve awareness of NHS digital applications, with the goal of reducing the demand on GP surgeries. She is also a member of the NHS Volunteer Responders programme, where she supports vulnerable people across England who are at the most risk from COVID-19.