Audrey Walela | Funding Circle

I am a Data Engineer in the fintech company Funding Circle, where I build robust data ingestion tooling. I'm passionate about building software and promoting diversity in technology.

My journey into Data Engineering started at university where I studied Human Sciences (a mix of biological and social sciences). The interdisciplinary course made me curious and I found myself wanting to learn about different topics including technology. I completed a short coding course aimed at women, then went on to a Computer Science masters. Now as an engineer I build tooling that helps Data Analysts gain faster, more reliable insights from data, e.g. building realtime data pipelines on the cloud.

Alongside my day job, I am part of diversity networks at Funding Circle, where I assist in organising events centred around women. I also enjoy creating technical side projects. One of these included a video dating app, which I prototyped and tested on a group of people. I look forward to continuing to promote diversity in tech and creating more software.