Karrie Liu

Karrie Liu | Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd

Karrie Liu

Aged 17, Karrie left her family to pursue a first-class education beyond the Hong Kong education system.

Karrie’s achieved the equivalent of two masters degrees, including 1st class integrated bachelor/masters in Maths with Modern Applications from University of York (UoY). Since graduating Karrie has applied her skills in the healthcare and life sciences industries, as a healthcare analytics consultant. Her 12 years’ experience focuses on adding transformational value to staff and service users by leveraging real-world data assets. Using analytic techniques and technology, Karrie builds Artificial Intelligence and applies machine learning to problems – for example predicting treatment pathways for patients and NHS usage. At IQVIA, Karrie worked in a team developing a mobile application to help patients digitally record how they feel and share data with healthcare professionals.

Karrie’s passion for applying technology, correctly, to reveal data insights and tell stories extends beyond the workplace. Her volunteering includes:

• Trustee and council member at The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA);
• Chair of Early Career Mathematicians Committee;
• Advisor for Mathematics department at UoY;
• Analytical advisor for India’s WaterHarvest charity
• Mentor and diverse role model at STEMette Mentoring Programme;
• Chaired two national industry conferences;
• Using cooking and technology to teach math’s to children – removing stress and fear of learning

Resulting in national recognitions:

• Chartered mathematician
• Scholarship awarded by the IMA – for promoting maths and it’s uses in business and life