Paula Muldoon

Paula Muldoon | Cambridge Cognition

Paula Muldoon is a multi-talented violinist, software engineer, writer, and composer based in Cambridge, UK. Her violin career has taken her to many of the world’s greatest concert halls in over twenty countries, most recently to Carnegie Hall in New York City. Highlights of her performing career include a stint as guest leader of the Xi’an Symphony Orchestra (China) and numerous recordings at Abbey Road Studios. In May 2019, as part of her inaugural season as leader of the Cambridge Philharmonic, she will be the featured soloist in Richard Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben.

In 2017 Paula left full-time violin playing to train at Makers Academy as a computer programmer. She now combines violin performance with her career as a software engineer.  She is a sought-after speaker in the programming community, having given talks at conferences, workshops, and meet-ups in London, Cambridge, and Madrid. Her latest musical/coding venture has been performing her own solo violin compositions as part of her conference talks.

When writing code, Paula is especially interested in tools and practices that automate code quality, such as pre-commit hooks, linters, and TDD, and is a stickler for clearly named variables and methods. She is also interested in non-violent communication and improving the way teams work together.

A keen writer, Paula blogs on music, code, and mindfulness/mental health, winning the blogging award at Makers Academy. While at the University of Michigan, her historical novel The White Birds made her the only undergraduate finalist in the prestigious Hopwood writing competition and her translation of the Latin poem Stabat Mater won her the undergraduate classics translation award.

As a composer, Paula recently reached her goal of writing 30 minutes of solo violin music. Her next goals involve further composition and recordings of the newly-written pieces. You can find out more about her work at