Cam Women in Tech


cam tech women-logoCam Women in Tech was founded by Jessica Leach and Catherine Breslin in January 2014.

We believe that a network to support Cambridge’s women in technology will help overcome some of the hurdles that women face in the workplace by

  • fostering informal peer networks
  • creating a friendly space to learn about technology
  • cultivating mentoring relationships
  • promoting inspiring senior role models
  • boosting confidence during pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work
  • helping keep abreast of new technology

Our goal is to run talks and workshops. Talks will focus on showcasing women in and around Cambridge who work in technical roles. Workshops will be aimed at those wanting to learn about different aspects of technology.

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Cambridge AWISE logo featured

Cambridge AWiSE

Cambridge AWISE logoConnecting and Inspiring Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine

Cambridge AWiSE is a regional network for women in science, engineering and technology (SET) in both industry and academia and for women who wish to return to a SET career after a break. We bring together women with common interests and act as a source of support, information and inspiration. We aim to help women stay in SET and make the most of their careers. We provide regular talks, workshops, networking opportunities and information through our website and newsletter.

Cambridge AWiSE members come from all career stages, from Undergraduates to Company Directors and Professors. Although based in Cambridge, we welcome anyone from the Eastern Region (and beyond!).


Cambridge AWiSE members include academics, women in industry, post-doctoral research scientists, post-graduate students, women wanting to return to work after a career break and women who run their own businesses. We’re sure you’ll enjoy being part of our organisation. By becoming a member or renewing your membership, you will help us to continue to offer great networking opportunities and provide information, inspiration and support.

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BLN (Business Leaders Network)


World Class Audiences, World Class Conferences

The BLN run conferences and networking events about technology and entrepreneurship. We bring great audiences together with stimulating topics and see what happens when they collide.

By signing up to our newsletter or joining one of our events, you will take home new insights on how to grow a great tech business and new contacts to make it happen.

Meet, talk, and grow your business.

Who on earth are The BLN?

The BLN (Business Leaders Network) was formed in 2007 as a counterblast to the plague of expensive and unproductive networking events targeting the tech sector. We want to serve one customer – delegates – giving them the best environment to meet their peers, exchange ideas and establish useful relationships.

We work from our office in Cambridge, England, and are a small and tightly knit group of people with a reputation for producing great events.

So what do you do?

In a short phrase… we produce events for great audiences.

In a longer sentence… The BLN have produced a number of events over it’s history, all whilst having the motto of being ‘the best, not the biggest’ events in the world in mind. Our audiences are always high quality, only matched by top class speakers, who include household names such as Kathy Sierra, Derek Sivers, Rand Fishkin and Dharmesh Shah.

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