WISE 1 Million Women in STEM

Join WISE & celebrate one million women in STEM

WISE 1 Million Women in STEM

Join WISE and help celebrate the one million women working in core STEM roles across the UK and inspire more women.

WISE has been working towards the goal of 1 million women in STEM for the past five years. Thanks to the focused efforts of role models, organisations and champions of gender balance in STEM, this number has finally been achieved.

WISE are now inviting you to celebrate and take part in their newly launched 1 of the Million campaign - an inclusive, digital campaign that aims to inspire and celebrate the real faces behind the million women in STEM.

The 1 of the Million Campaign encourages women working in STEM to share their story - and those of their friends, mentors or colleagues - in order to celebrate the brilliant contributions women make through science, technology, engineering and maths.By putting a face to the million, the campaign aims to inspire more women to pursue, return to, or retrain in STEM. This is a celebration for everyone and we encourage everyone to take part. If you’re a woman in STEM, in any company, sector or part of the UK, we want to hear from you.

How you can get involved

Help WISE put a face to the million

Encourage women who work in STEM at your business to take part in the campaign – ask them share their photo and story to our webpage so that they can be included in WISE's interactive photo collage.

Help WISE spread the word

Show that your company supports more women in STEM by sharing 1 of the Million campaign material on your website and social media channels throughout the year - a logo, supporter sign and social media frames are included in our pack.

Take part in the #1ofTheMillion Day

Motivate your colleagues and take part in our #1ofTheMillion day on Twitter. Snap a selfie with our #1ofTheMillion sign, tell us why you are passionate about gender balance in STEM and post your image to Twitter using #1ofTheMillion and tagging @thewisecampaign.

If you're not a woman in STEM, you can still take part

Post a picture with our Proud to Support #1ofTheMillion Sign and tell us why you and / or your company support gender balance in STEM.




elderly couple with a tablet, coronavirus, technology

Can you help FutureDotNow support the most vulnerable online during COVID-19?

elderly couple with a tablet, coronavirus, technology

FutureDotNow has launched an initiative to support the most vulnerable online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FutureDotNow are coordinating industry action through a new initiative, DevicesDotNow, targeting the 1.7 million households who don’t have access to the internet and are digitally excluded as we face a socially distanced world gripped by COVID-19.

Supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the DevicesDotNow campaign is asking businesses to donate tablets, smartphones and laptops, as well as connectivity in the form of sims, dongles and mobile hotspots.

As the government works to address the challenges of COVID-19, many elderly and vulnerable people may find themselves isolated in their homes with limited means of communicating with the outside world, or getting access to vital services such as health, food or banking.

Frontline community organisations are in desperate need of digital devices to be able to mobilise into the community. With your help, we can power them up so they can support households facing self-isolation – alleviating the strain on the NHS, while ensuring that vulnerable people aren’t cut off from their loved ones and the outside world.

There are number of ways to get involved and support the #DevicesDotNow campaign:

  • Donate devices - tablets or smartphones are a first choice, but laptops are also required.
  • Donate SIM cards, portable hotspots, dongles or other connectivity.
  • Make a financial donation - £10,000 would fund the purchase of tablets and smartphones for around 100 vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Spread the word - Share the #DevicesDotNow mission with a least five business leaders in your network who could be in a position to help.

Find out more about the campaign here.