Emily Keith

Emily Keith | Cognizant

Emily Keith

In my view, technology is the future - as an enabler, and an accelerator - but not everyone sees it this way.

To some, it’s a threat, adds stress and is here to take our jobs! I love working as a Technology Consultant: for me, it’s an opportunity to improve the relationship with technology, both for the individual and the organisation, to reap business benefits and achieve things that are otherwise unimaginable. I’m motivated by working with clients to break down the complexities of technology, simplifying decisions and creating cultures where people are excited by Technology & change. When working on transformation programmes, my focus is always to ensure that stakeholder needs are considered during the design and delivery stages, as this is what sets them up for success.

I encourage positivity in my colleagues as well as my clients - as a Mental Health Champion, I advocate affirmative mental health practices and provide front-line support, so essential during the pandemic. As a member of the Diversity and Inclusion committee, I deliver unconscious bias training and shape recruitment processes to foster a truly inclusive workforce.

I lead charity initiatives ranging from pro bono consulting, helping organisations navigate the pandemic challenges, providing social media training to a charity to increase engagement with their digital channels and talking to students to share what it means to work in the Technology Industry as a Consultant.

Who knows what technology we’ll have in the future, but I will continue to strive to reduce the perceived threat of it, and through my role as Consultant enable people and organisations to embrace the changes that are coming!

Mahima Bansal

Mahima Bansal | Cognizant

Mahima Bansal

Mahima is an experienced, tech-driven professional and currently working as Digital Business Consultant for Banking and Financial Services at Cognizant.

Mahima is responsible for providing BFS clientele with digital transformation strategies so that they can take full advantage of emerging technology and strengthen their competitiveness or performance in the new normal.

Mahima played an instrumental role in her work with multiple banking and financial services client advising them on digital solutions for various segments like wholesale banking, retail banking and lending. She has supported the implementation of a new digital channel for corporate clients while teaming on another retail banking project which resulted in Front-to-back digitization of customer-journey for lending products.

Mahima also has the experience of working in the role of Product Manager for a leading real time funds transfer mechanism (IMPS, similar to Faster Payments in UK). She played the pivotal role in leading the product towards API based platform ultimately resulting in a more versatile and customizable next generation product.

With the digital adoption taking quantum leap at both organizational and industry levels, it has become imperative that the people behind those solutions reflect an equal and diverse organizational structure as well. Mahima understands the challenges of attracting and retaining women in technology sector. As a volunteer of Women Empowered Networking Group she makes it her mission to help and inspire other women to keep pursuing their dreams, despite the obstacles presented by their ethnicity and gender or the difficulties caused by their social or economic conditions. Also, she has worked towards increasing awareness and sensitizing school children against the social evils of female foeticide and gender discrimination while being associated with the Social Development Cell of her alma-mater.

Mahima has a passion for learning, with an undergraduate degree in Information Technology and a master’s degree from the prestigious IIM. She is also a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Ramona O'Dwyer-Stock

Ramona O'Dwyer-Stock | Cognizant

Ramona O'Dwyer-Stock

Graduating in Biological Sciences from the University of Birmingham, Ideveloped an early affinity for turning data into knowledge with real-world applications, long before Iever considered a career in tech.

Since then, witnessing how data, now one of the world’s most powerful commodities, has shaped society and determined world events in recent years has cemented my interest in the field.

At Cognizant, my “non-technical” background allows me to engage effectively with clients, quickly becoming a trusted face of technical teams who understands client needs and can communicate in their own terms. Since working at Cognizant, I have helped two industry-leading clients create new reporting tools, allowing them previously hidden insight into their customers and operations.

With the ever more powerful role that tech companies play in society comes a growing responsibility for them to share their knowledge and capabilities. As a member of Cognizant’s CSR programme Outreach, I have helped design and deliver social media training to the Thomas Pocklington Trust, and am currently working alongside the CSR Director on a new digital enablement programme for refugee and migrant women.

I also recognise the urgent need for better representation within the industry to ensure the technologies which increasingly govern our lives don’t reinforce existing disparities. She is an active member of Diversity and Inclusion networks including a client-based Women Empowered group and newly formed Let’s Talk About Race.

Padmasini Dayananda

Padmasini Dayananda | Cognizant

Padmasini Dayananda

An Electronics and communication engineer by qualification, started as a programmer analyst with Cognizant in 2001.

My first project was to test and debug a complex credit scoring algorithm. This was the beginning of my fascination for understanding customer needs and relating it to accurate technology. The past 19 years, has been an exciting journey, developing cross-regional and cross-functional experience, with roles in consulting, business development, IT project delivery, product development, sales and marketing of homegrown products.

Delivering large scale, complex technology programs has been my forte and I thrive on problem solving and assuring customer satisfaction.

Sustained learning through upskilling and reskilling has been the secret sauce in keeping my career interesting and open to new opportunities. At every turn along the way, I got certified in the domain I was engaged in.

In my current role as the CSR Outreach Lead for Cognizant UK and Continental Europe, my focus is on social digital empowerment; bridging the gap in digital education for primary schools, enabling youth with employability skills, alleviating loneliness among elderly and pro bono services to charities, enabling them to use digital capabilities to increase their reach and service their beneficiary better.
In January 2019, I won the UK CSR Excellence Award for the impact delivered through Outreach in the region.

My program of pride "Social Digital Empowerment Program" won the Industry award by Employee engagement for Social Responsibility.This aims to bridge the gap between educational curriculum and market demands. Aimed at improving social mobility and providing a level playing field.

I take pride in the distinction of being one of 30 women to be selected for Cognizant’s Women’s Global Leadership Programme: a prestigious programme for women leaders in the organisation.

I am a certified Life Transformation Coach passionate about supporting people to respond to life changes with clarity or plan changes to pursue their ideal state of being.

Sophie Sheehan

Sophie Sheehan | Cognizant

Sophie Sheehan

Certified scrum master, SAFe Agilist, Lean Kanban University Trainer and Lean six sigma black belt with over fifteen years experience of applying agile and lean methodologies across the organisational management structure.

Training, coaching and leading teams in project governance, project management, business analysis and software delivery in an agile and lean context.

Over twenty years experience of software development and business analysis of desktop / web applications and real time embedded control systems. Strong analytical skills combined with Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Test Driven Development, Agile software development practices and Lean Six Sigma in a technical environment.

Since embarking on my own personal transformation, I have gained a unique insight into what its like to go through a transformation. As an Agile Coach, this has opened my eyes to the emotional journey and challenges individuals, teams and organisations have to overcome. This has changed my perspective on how to approach coaching teams and organisations.

I am also a strong advocate for the LGBT community, especially focusing on transgender equality.

Areas of Expertise

● Agile and Lean Software methodologies,
● Behavioural Driven Design, Value driven development , User stories, automated acceptance testing
● Responsive Web Design, XML, HTML, CSS, Angular JS
● UML, Agile modelling, Data and functional modelling
● C++, Core Java, Java Native Interface, C#, vbscript, javascript, ruby on Rails
● Relational database design, SQL (Microsoft SQL, Sybase, mysql)
● Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC, DMEDI), Design for Lean Six Sigma (IDOV

Leena Kalani

Leena Kalani | Cognizant

Leena Kalani

I am a Digital Business Consultant at Cognizant and engage with Banking and Financial Services clients to support them through their digital transformation journey.

I leverage latest technology enablers like Open APIs, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence to solve business problems in the most cost effective way.

Growing up in a family of doctors, I always aspired to tread the same career path. But India’s emergence as one of the technology hubs, fascinated me to pursue a degree in Computer Science. However, my real interest in technology developed while building an interactive accounting software for a client as part of my coursework. The joy of a useful product and customer delight pushed me onto my tech journey.

To apply technology to real business and consumer problems, I did MBA in Finance.

At Cognizant, I lead the 'Design Thinking' programme in Open Banking. This programme is intended to explore data monetisation opportunities for banks and FinTechs ultimately benefitting the end consumers with hyper-personalisation.
I collaborate with like-minded technologists at hackathons and industry workshops. At one of the RBS Hackathons, it resulted in solving a complex mortgage process with API technology.

As a firm believer of ‘’I am more than my gender’’, I promote Diversity and Inclusion at workplace. I work as one of the co-ordinators of [email protected] programme and mentor graduate analysts within the organisation.
Outside of work, I enjoy music, reading and cooking. I love to visit my home country and spend quality time with my family.