Corina Callan

Corina Callan | Oliver Wyman Digital

Corina Callan

Despite leaving university with a first class honours in Computing, I was still unsure about purely programming roles. Now, reflecting on a career spanning more than ten years, I am hugely appreciative of the journey I have been on.

Starting off in Belfast as a junior developer providing software for the Irish insurance industry, I learned the key skills that were going to set me up going forward. With great ambition, I moved to England where I started a role in email marketing and lead generation software, building on those skills.

My next role, at a Digital Agency called Draw, really shifted my mindset on what I could achieve in my position. I quickly grew into a leadership role and expanded my development team into a large, strong capability across multiple locations. Within my role, I helped influence company direction and was instrumental in the growth of the business and the smooth acquisition by Oliver Wyman.

Currently at Oliver Wyman Digital I run large complex projects, leading cross-organisational engineering teams in multidisciplinary environments. I am recognized for my ability to navigate difficult situations, identifying gaps for improvement and challenging my teams to change where needed. I am passionate about diversity in tech and not only co-lead the London Women of OW resource group but have co-founded the Digital chapter, leading the development stream and hosting various popular learning sessions for my peers.

Corina Callan

Corina Callan | Draw Digital

I studied Computing at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. After graduating with first class honours I took a Junior Developer role specialising in software for the Irish insurance industry. I was the primary developer on multiple websites including one of Ireland's leading price comparison insurance websites. It was a customer-facing role with strict deadlines for deploying live rates.

My next role involved implementing improvements for an email marketing tool, before making the switch to work on a lead generation web application. I also lead a separate data mining project which standardised and cleansed a database using Business Intelligence tools with an accompanying Angular application. These skills helped when I moved to a Senior Developer role at Draw (my current role), where my first task was to standardise a confused and dated charts database and develop an API with an Umbraco website to consume it. I have lead various projects since then, including creating websites for a law firm and a large private healthcare company.

One of my more defining roles at Draw has been leading a team of developers in the creation of an app for an Australian bank. Although not involved in the actual coding of the app, I feel my strengths in the full life cycle were instrumental to the project’s success. I was involved in the initial project scoping in Melbourne, I managed the tasks in each sprint, and I worked with the client to deliver documentation and diagrams to help them understand difficult parts of the process. I also flew to New York to help guide another vendor in developing the API, realigning the separate teams when blockers arose.

I have now progressed to Lead Developer in my current role and manage a team of developers and contractors.