Sonal Modi | Credit Suisse

I am highly motivated to drive positive change and improve user experience through end-user infrastructure programs.

I deliver material value to the business, fundamentally changing the way it operates. I have a passion in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace through my work in the IT UK diversity and inclusion leadership team at Credit Suisse.

My interest in technology and innovation started at a young age. After graduating in Business Information Technology, I worked in a range of roles in the infrastructure and end user technology space. I started my career at an IT consulting firm as a support engineer, with assignments at financial and technology organizations. This provided me with the opportunity to gain an understanding of different business sectors and I was lucky enough to gain experience with different technologies. My final assignment was an operating system deployment at a financial institution. This was my first experience of projects in a fast-paced environment which I enjoyed. I continued to work in IT and in the financial sector and worked as a Market Data Support Analyst. This was an insightful role as it allowed me to be involved in the end-to-end support of market data applications, working with vendors and end users.

I then took my support experience and market data experience to join Credit Suisse fourteen years ago as a Trade Floor Support Engineer in London, transitioning to work on an operating system deployment for the London Trade Floor. This is where I began my transition into project and program management. I soon realized that I thrive on partnership and collaboration by bringing people together to solve problems and deliver outcomes. Having led projects and programs in collaboration technologies ranging from email, instant messaging and video streaming, I currently lead the end-user cloud delivery team and project portfolio, overseeing the agile development and delivery of mobile technologies. My recent focus includes multi-factor authentication and creating a mobile app to improve staff on-boarding including identity validation. This significantly improves the joining experience and reduces tiresome manual processes.

Jacqueline Ungerer | Credit Suisse

Jackie (she/her) is an inspirational Software Engineer, Technical Analyst, Program Manager and Agile Coach, with a passion for delivering business value through the application of her Agile and DevOps expertise, driving transformation across her organization.

Her positive impact as a role model is evidenced through the wide range of activities she is involved in, both within Credit Suisse and reaching out into the local community.

Jackie is a proud STEM Ambassador, working in the local community to promote careers in IT and within the financial industry. She partners with SkillsBuilder, Inspiring the Future, and is a TechWeCan Champion. Through her work with local schools, she is saddened to see how few female students choose to pursue Computer Science at a high school level.

Jackie feels strongly that representation is critical to Change the Ratio, so is a highly visible female software developer in the financial industry and is actively mentoring other female and non-binary colleagues to increase their visibility in the local community. In addition to delivering career talks to local schools, at primary and secondary levels, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), she delivers coding workshops in-person and online, and supports local STEM clubs to provide after school activities for underprivileged children.

Over her 12 year career at Credit Suisse, Jackie has repeatedly demonstrated exceptional analytical skills and a passion for applying industry best practice to improve operational efficiency. With a particular interest in automated testing, she has proactively identified ways to improve existing development processes which has reduced costs and significantly improved customer confidence in our products.  She currently works as Business Analyst and Program Manager across a number of strategic workstreams, with a focus on enabling DevOps transformation and reducing EOL risk.

She collaborates with developers to promote training and provide networking opportunities. Having initiated a Global Coding Academy, reaching hundreds of developers, she has created a platform for others to showcase their talents and expand their influence, fostering a culture where diverse perspectives are encouraged and celebrated. Jackie also delivers Agile and DevOps training in-person and online, and encourages her colleagues to showcase best practices.

Jackie is an active LGBTQ+ Ally, and a member of the BAME (Black Asian Multi-Ethnic) network, using every opportunity to promote Credit Suisse as an inclusive employer.

In addition to holding an MSc in Software Engineering (distinction), she is also a qualified high-school teacher. Jackie is currently studying towards a Diploma in DevOps, which aligns with her passion for delivering business value through the Agile and DevOps transformation of the organization.

Credit Suisse Real Returns programme

Looking to return to work? Re-discover your career with Real Returns™!

Credit Suisse Real Returns programme

For the ninth consecutive year, Credit Suisse is running the Real Returns™ program, which is designed to re-engage experienced, talented professionals who have taken a career break.

Real Returns™ is a paid employment program facilitating a transition back into financial services. The program is full-time and will run for 16 weeks, starting on September 5th, 2022 and finishing December 23rd, 2022.

Real Returns™ provides:

  • An outstanding opportunity to explore a return to financial services and discover what you want next from your career.
  • A focus on transferable skillsets gained during your career break, drawing on your expertise, interests and skills.
  • The environment to make a real impact, working on meaningful project work with clearly defined objectives, measurable goals and a framework for regular feedback.
  • A series of orientation/ training sessions to acclimatise you back into the business environment. You will learn about strategic business and regulatory changes in the financial services industry, undergo executive training to improve your personal impact, and have the opportunity to refresh your technology skills.
  • Many opportunities across our businesses in London, across revenue generating areas, to corporate functions and technical projects in IT. We seek to offer a variety of meaningful experiences across the bank.
  • Support, mentorship and a buddy system throughout the program to ensure that you have a successful experience. We will pair you with a mentor who will be there to advise you before, during and after the program, as well as having the ongoing support of HR professionals and a dedicated line manager.
  • A platform to be creative and a chance to create and craft a network with positive relationships. In addition to your peers on the program and your immediate team, you will be enabled to build powerful and supportive relationships throughout the bank, through a wide variety of networking events, speaker sessions and business insights.

Your future colleagues

We are an organisation which values Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. Realising the firm’s D&I ambition is an integral part of our global cultural values.

Your skills and experience

To be part of the Real Returns™ program we look for the following:

  • A career break for two or more years at the point of application.
  • A consistent track record of professional experience gained within the financial and/or professional services sector are essential for this program.
  • Experience at VP level or above (or equivalent) before your career break.
  • Previous experience gained within Investment Banking and Capital Markets, Sales, Trading, Research, Private Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management, Finance, Operations, Legal and Compliance, Audit, Risk, Chief Operating Office, Project Management, IT (technical experience – developers/ engineers etc.).
  • Team-player who understands the value of diversity in the workplace and is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture in all aspects of working life so that people from all backgrounds receive equal treatment, realise their full potential and can bring their full, authentic selves to work.

You will be competitively remunerated during the program. Please note, participation in the program does not guarantee employment with Credit Suisse after the conclusion of the program.

Applications for the program open on 01 March 2022 and close on 29 April 2022.


Find out more about the programme at Credit Suisse’s taster session

03 March 2022
10am – 12pm

Join the taster session by registering your interest, there is no commitment from your side and during this session we hope to inspire you.

You’ll meet Real Returners’ from the past nine years, hear their stories, and meet the team behind this program.


One Tech World Virtual Conference 2022

01 APRIL 2022

Join us for keynotes, panels, fireside chats, networking opportunities and much more. Supported by 18 corporate sponsors, with over 120 sessions and 160+ speakers across 6 stages – plus watch it on-demand for 30 days!


Iyore Agbede

Iyore Agbede | Credit Suisse

Iyore Agbede

I am a highly proficient technology delivery manager who combines the right level of technology expertise with significant business knowledge to deliver high quality technology platforms.

I am a strong advocate for encouraging and empowering diverse groups of individuals who are under-represented in technology.

Through my membership of the Credit Suisse’s IT Women’s Champions Attract/Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Planning sub-committee, I have helped run programs at local secondary schools to motivate young females interested in pursuing STEM careers. I have participated in ‘Day in the life @ CS’ events for young school leavers which introduces them to the wide range of career opportunities within banking, and technology in particular.

I hold a first degree in Computer Science and have a particular interest in the use of innovative and emerging technologies to solve real-life problems.

I also hold an MBA in Finance degree (distinction) and a diploma in Electronics & Communications Engineering.

Annie Bedford

Annie Bedford | Credit Suisse

Annie Bedford

Having a passion for technology from a young age, I got an MA in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin before moving to London to start my first role at a small software company called Kalido.

There I worked as an Engineer in Test and then as a developer on their data warehouse products before moving on to work as a Support Engineer at Tradeweb.

This was a challenging role in a financial environment and I learned a lot both about the role as a Support engineer but also about finance and the different priorities compared to a software house.

Wanting to move back to a developer role and expand my skills, I moved to Credit Suisse to work as a WPF developer on an innovative application called ADAPT. This application helped other teams at Credit Suisse to quickly build out .NET applications by reusing components and providing services and cookbooks on best practices. It was a great team to work with but we had challenges around our release process and project management. Luckly we were offered a chance to go through an Agile transition as part of a pilot programme. I became the Scrum Master for the team and found a new passion - helping teams to deliver software in a more effective, enjoyable and sustainable way.

Since then I have been passionate about Agile principles and have learned and trained to gain more knowledge. The teams I work with have changed as the organisation has changed but my focus remains broadly the same - how can I help developers to work together on a common vision and to quickly build iterations of software to get feedback on it and thus provide business value to the customers.

I have been lucky to have worked with different technologies and platforms at Credit Suisse from .NET to Java. As a global company, we are often working with colleagues around the world and the challenges that can bring. In Core Engineering we are tasked with delivering cutting edge technologies such as building an OpenShift container platform as a service and most recently our Public Cloud program looking at how we can best leverage the cloud for teams at Credit Suisse to help modernise applications and reduce costs. My work involves guiding our teams to deliver best practices and early adopter solutions while aligning with the larger program of people involved from external consultants to internal application developers.

Outside of my day job, I am involved in the different networks that make up the amazing culture at Credit Suisse. Internally I have organised events and produced a family guide for the LGBT&Ally Network and I lead the IT Women’s Champions stream focused on showing different roles in technology to young students to help inspire them in to STEM roles. As raising awareness about environmental issues has become a passion for me, I have loved being involved with the Sustainability Network and promoting sustainable lifestyle changes through a pledge website and inspirational speaker events.

Externally I have been collaborating with equally motivated colleagues in other organisations as part of the TechSheCan Initiative to increase the number of women in technology. I am also concurrently studying for a DevOps diploma to increase my knowledge of modern, effective software development.

Simona Achim

Simona Achim | Credit Suisse

Simona Achim

I first saw a computer when I was 12 years old, 7th grade in Romania.

I had been off sick the week before and missed the lessons on math functions so I had a hard time understanding how they were working. Our math teacher brought a computer in school which rendered the linear function f(x)=y on the screen, and boom! I got it! I was mesmerized by the machine and immediately promised to myself this is the job I am going to have when I grow up: a computer programmer. Nine years later I was celebrating with my family graduating the Computers Faculty at Babes-Blolyiai University Cluj, Romania, delivering the promise to the 12 years old myself.

I worked for various companies in my University town. My learning path had not ended there, I was the last generation graduating from university with an outdated program so my preparation was far from ideal when I graduated. I continued learning from my colleagues, books, whatever I could find in those times when Internet was not already that rich in content. In fact this is still my favourite thing about this job: it forces you to keep learning.

I started as an IT contractor in Romania working for an outsourcing company and then decided to move to UK primarily because at the time the town where I was living the number of technologies that you could work in was limited. I can say I have moved to London 10 years ago out of love for technology!

I am now working in IT banking, I have been for the last 8 years an employee of Credit Suisse but worked in multiple projects and business areas. I have worked in IT all my life, except for the one year I took off when I had my twin boys 8 years ago. This was a huge change for me and I was very lucky my team and company had supported me in the very first years on this completely new, scary and beautiful experience which was to suddenly be a mom of two kids.

After more than 12 years of developing using exclusively Microsoft technologies, another challenge came my way, I moved into an area where everything was new: low latency real-time pricing and trading Java applications running on Linux machines. I am currently the team leader of the backend services team for pricing and trading of a new application which is meant to replace and enhance multiple legacy applications. I am also an Agile coach, this being one of my long-term “pet-interests” related to technology.

I recognize the importance of deciding so early what will be my career so I am a big supporter of making a case for technology in the schools as early as possible. I am an active member of Credit Suisse IT Women Champions organization and Tech Girl organizations from London and Romania.

Tasnima Miah

Tasnima Miah | Credit Suisse

Tasnima Miah

Technical Software Engineer, who has recently completed the Technical Analyst(TA) program at Credit Suisse.

With a degree in Computer Science from Queen Mary, University of London, I am a strong technologist with a keen interest in DevOps practices and Data Science.

Although I am still in the early stages of my career, I have implemented solutions for both the front and back office. For the Investment Banking division, I have created a user screen to further improve and refine trade monitoring. Using centralised Big Data Management and Kafka Streaming Capabilities I have implemented real-time data integration and source platforms in alignment with key data management principles.

To develop my career, I am currently training for a formal certification as a DevOps Engineer studying for Level 4 BCS Diploma on DevOps Engineering Methodologies. I am applying my learnings to improve automation and monitoring for my team.

Beyond my technical skills and deliveries, I have been heavily involved in the TA community and was the Head of the TA Committee at Credit Suisse. I used this role, along with my passion to utilise my technical skills to help charities, to create an outreach stream that enables TAs to get involved with the wider community, including schools. Leading by example I had taken on a role as a Digital Analyst for Maternal Aid Association (Maa), to design and integrate solutions for web, email and data driven marketing. The past 2 years I have worked as the Outreach Manager for the same charity working to build an outreach stream on a bigger scope to my initial TA committee work. I am now the Head of Public Relations for the same charity, creating and executing a strategy to promote Maa’s key initiatives to the public.

I am an advocate for diversity and inclusion. I help to produce the newsletter for the Black, Asian & Multi-Ethnic network at Credit Suisse and in my departmental People & Culture committee by creating social events. Recently, I represented Credit Suisse as a panellist at the global WeAreTechWomen conference, participates in hackathons and campus recruitment.

WeAreTechWomen pay tribute to our One Tech World panellist, Neeti Tolia

WeAreTechWomen would like to pay tribute to one of our incredible panellists at this year’s One Tech World.

We had a pleasure of meeting Neeti in the run up to the conference and was wowed by her zest for life and her incredible experience in the world of work. We would like to honour her memory by sharing her story and some of the tributes from her family and friends at Credit Suisse. May you rest in peace Neeti, we are honoured we got to meet you and our thoughts are with your family and friends.

Neeti joined Credit Suisse India as Head of the global GOS Quality Assurance team in March 2020 and over the course of a year made a significant impact on her team, those she worked with and the organization as a whole.

She was a good communicator (she spoke nine languages) and listener, acted as a mentor to many and led by example, putting her best foot forward. Neeti’s respectful way, her empathy and the care she showed to those she worked with represented just a few of her wonderful qualities.

Neeti believed leadership is not about who is in charge, but about making sure the team stays focused on its goals, keeping them motivated and supporting them to be the best they can be to achieve those goals. She described her role as “a facilitator and a change agent helping my team with the transformations that the organization is expecting.”

Neeti was passionate about mentorship. In her own words, “I have mentored many people in my professional journey and seeing them make their mark in their respective organizations makes me really proud. The right mentorship at the right time can do wonders.”

Neeti ToliaIn her daughter’s words:

“Ma was an exceptional example of women being where she was in a male dominated field. She struggled her way to the top. She had no one to guide her in the sense that she knew no working mother who could guide her through every phase of life. She had papa and I but, you know, we weren't experienced. She wanted to be that support to all her female colleagues, she was constantly worried about all of you and wanted to be there to support you and see you reach the top just like you deserved to.”

In her Team’s and Colleagues words:

“In this short period of time she had made such a positive influence in my life with her leadership. Her passion for mentoring and helping the team is something I will follow for the rest of my life.”

“She had always provided me right support time to time which made me confident, enthusiastic and attentive while working in this professional environment.”

“Neeti was not only a remarkable manager, but before that she was an extraordinary human being. A firm believer of teamwork, she had a keen eye for talent and put the right person at right place.”

"Neeti – you had been one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and down to earth personalities I have ever met."

“Neeti was a great leader and an excellent motivator. She had taught us what it means to be a team & family.”

“Neeti was one of the most enthusiastic & passionate people I met. As they say – the song is ended but the melody lingers on… A quote by Ariana Dancu will remind me of her always – ‘She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings’.”

Karen Eggerton Lam

Karen Eggerton Lam | Credit Suisse

Karen Eggerton Lam

After graduating with a degree in Business Information Systems I wasn't sure of the career I wanted to pursue.

I spent a year teaching in France and then worked in the Marketing industry before deciding that IT was the path for me.

Joining Credit Suisse on the Helpdesk gave me a wide-ranging view of the IT division. I then enjoyed roles in Support, Process Engineering, Line Management and Project Management before my present Account Management role in the Infrastructure division. This combines my interests in technology, people and providing the best possible customer experience. I strive to bring together customers with technologists to achieve Infrastructure, Application Development and Business objectives whilst minimising risk and providing cost-effective solutions for my partners.

As a Project Manager at NYSE Euronext I also worked on the implementation of Service Now as the IT Service Management solution to augment organisation changes following the merging of London, New York and Paris organisations.

Neha Jogiya

Neha Jogiya | Credit Suisse

Neha Jogiya

Neha is EMEA Head of Prime Derivatives Services Technology and Global Product Manager.

Prime Derivatives business provides external institutional clients Execution & Clearing Services. Neha faces off to senior stakeholders in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Zurich to provide end to end technology solutions leveraging platforms owned by PDS Technology, broader Equities technology and Operations organization.

She graduated from Brunel University and went further to study Organic Chemistry (PhD) at University College London. She made a decision to transition out from her much loved Chemistry field to embark on an IT journey accompanied with her valued analytic skills. She joined Credit Suisse in 2000 with no prior experience in IT or Financial Industry but through hard work and sheer determination, she was able to craft a career in IT/Finance industry.

Neha is one of very few “Technology SME” in the bank who understands Prime Derivatives global trade execution flows, risk feeds, clearing, settlement and regulatory compliance. Neha has proven her depth of knowledge, acumen to innovate best in class solutions and execute with proven results. PDS business went through many complex programs such as Legal Entity Migrations, MIFIID Regulatory compliance, BREXIT and High Touch flows automations which were executed and delivered by Neha.

Not only is she extremely talented, but she also helps to drive cultural changes at Credit Suisse. She Co-leads Develop and Inspire work stream for IT Women Champion initiative and she actively participates in Modern Muse activities.